28000 yuan's mother-in-law who was urged to take the elevator 60 times a day: I don't live by picking up garbage. Some people lock my room with 502.



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28000 yuan's mother-in-law who was urged to take the elevator 60 times a day: I don't live by picking up garbage. Some people lock my room with 502.

On May 4, Jimus News reported that a 70-year-old man in a residential area in Nanning, Guangxi, was urged by the property to pay nearly 30000 yuan for frequently taking the elevator to pick up garbage every day for eight years, causing heated discussion among netizens.

On May 5, the extremely eye news reporter came to the residential area where the old man Wu's mother-in-law lived and saw that the property had cleaned up the garbage piled up by the old man in the public area, but there were still some garbage picked up by Wu's mother-in-law in the underground parking lot that had not been cleaned up.

Many owners said that their lives were affected by the behavior of Wu's mother-in-law and they were very distressed. The old man believed that she had not done anything wrong and that the differences were due to different views.

Several owners said they were affected.

Jumu News previously reported that at the end of April, a residential property on Nanning Education Road issued a payment notice to the owner Wu's mother-in-law, saying that because she used the elevator more than 60 times a day to pick up waste products frequently all the year round, she had to charge a total of 28736 yuan for the electricity and loss of the elevator. This matter has aroused heated discussion. Some netizens believe that Wu's mother-in-law's behavior has affected the interests of other owners, and this fee should be charged; some netizens believe that it is understandable that the elderly like to pick up garbage, and they should not charge extra elevator fees after paying the property fee.

On the morning of May 5, the extremely eye news reporter came to the community where Wu's mother-in-law was located. The district is located in Nanning Qingxiu District Education Road, near the city center, is the golden city. As the primary school is diagonally opposite, some people have set up afternoon care institutions in the community, and many primary school students come and go after school at noon.

The extremely eye news reporter came to the floor where Wu's mother-in-law lived and saw that the door of Wu's mother-in-law's house was locked. The garbage previously placed on the corridor had been basically cleaned up and no peculiar smell could be smelled.

Speaking of Wu's mother-in-law picking up garbage, many owners of the community said they were affected and felt distressed. Some owners joked that: "the prime location of the garbage room, the owner's heart is more distressed."

Mr. Wang, who lives downstairs of Wu's mother-in-law, said that he has lived in the community for two years. he usually hears the sound of Wu's mother-in-law sorting out garbage and smells the stench of garbage coming from the corridor. when waiting for the elevator, he will meet the situation that the elevator has been parked on Wu's mother-in-law's floor for a long time. "I have seen Wu's mother-in-in-in-in-in-in-in-in-in-in-law several times."

Ms. Chen, a neighbor of Wu's mother-in-law, said that she had lived in the community for six years and suffered deeply. She also complained to the relevant departments many times. "Due to the pile of garbage, it is easy to breed bacteria and attract a large number of cockroaches. Especially in summer, mosquito repellent water is sprayed at the door every day to prevent cockroaches from running into the room. Sometimes my daughter brings her children here, and the children are afraid of smelling the smell. Now they don't come often." For this reason, Ms. Chen argued with her mother-in-law Wu several times and once called the police, but her mother-in-law Wu was unwilling to compromise and picked up a lot of garbage and went upstairs every day.

The property has provided a special place to put garbage.

Mr. Wei, the property manager of the community, said that five years ago, through negotiation, the neighborhood committee and the property found a vacant room in the underground garage to pile up garbage, and asked her to properly place the garbage she picked up. As a result, Wu's mother-in-law did not pile up as required, but often piled outside the house, attracting cockroaches and rats. Garbage is easy to rub against vehicles, mice will also bite the car wires, car owners are also complaining, many times to the property complaints. "Because of too many complaints, she stopped using the vacant underground parking lot to pile up garbage the year before last, and she began to move the garbage to the 29th floor." Mr. Wei said.

"In the beginning, we just picked up cartons, and we asked her to put them in order. In the end, she picked up everything, including disposable lunch boxes." Liang Xian, deputy director of Tiantao Commercial Community, told Jumu News that the community has repeatedly cooperated with property, public security, fire protection and other door-to-door coordination, hoping to solve this problem, but Wu's mother-in-law believes that this is the joy of her old age. "We also contacted Aunt Wu's children, but persuasion was ineffective."

The Jumu News reporter saw that there were still a lot of garbage piled up by Wu's mother-in-law in the underground parking lot. Most of these garbage are cartons, plastic bottles, foam, metal products, etc., which are generally placed in more secret positions such as stairwells and gaps between walls.

Mr. Wei said that after Wu's mother-in-law was hospitalized, they found someone to clean up the garbage in the public area of the corridor and would continue to clean up the garbage in the underground garage. "We don't want to charge a fine, but we hope that in this way, she will stop picking up garbage and stop this behavior that frequently occupies public resources and affects other people's lives to achieve profit." Mr. Wei said that Wu's mother-in-law is now hospitalized after a fall. If she no longer picks up garbage and affects other owners when she comes back from the hospital, she will not be held accountable and will not recover the fee.

Chai Xin, a lawyer from Beijing Dacheng (Wuhan) Law Firm, said that if Wu's mother-in-law placed garbage in public areas that affected the passage of other owners, or the peculiar smell of garbage affected the living experience of others, the affected owners could sue her and ask her to eliminate the nuisance. However, because there is no substantial injury, the relevant owners and property have no right to charge her a separate elevator fee. In addition, if the garbage is piled up in the fire passage in the public area, which affects the fire safety, the property can require her to transfer the waste according to the relevant provisions of the fire protection law. If she refuses to transfer, she can report to the corresponding law enforcement agency, and the law enforcement agency will punish her.

"I don't live by picking up trash"

A few days ago, Wu's mother-in-law was injured in the house and is now hospitalized. On the afternoon of May 5, she told the extreme eye news reporter that she had a fracture after getting up early and wrestling. Now she can't walk. She asked a nurse to take care of her in the hospital. "She still needs surgery in the later stage."

According to insiders, Wu's mother-in-law has lived in the community for more than ten years. She used to live with her daughter and then lived alone for many years. She is a retired employee of a state-owned enterprise, with a monthly pension, and her children's financial situation is also good.

"I don't think I did anything wrong." Wu mother-in-law said, she pick up garbage is to turn waste into treasure, waste use, save energy for the country, the current dispute is just everyone's point of view is different, "they think the problem I don't exist, don't let me in the public area I put at home, did not affect other people. The elevator people come and go, but also some people take garbage. My waste is also the first clean, take the bag to pack before taking back."

Mother-in-law Wu believes that she was also targeted by others in the community, "My lock was blocked three times with 502 glue, and it was blocked once some time ago."

Some owners said that Wu's mother-in-law got up at 6 a.m. to pick up garbage and was busy until 12 p.m. Mother-in-law Wu said that she would not pick up garbage all day long, once around 9 o'clock in the morning, twice 3.1 times in the afternoon and 6.1 times in the afternoon. "As for whether we will continue to pick up garbage in the future, it still depends on my physical recovery. If I can do it, I will do it. If I can't do it, I won't do it." Mother-in-law Wu said that she does not live by picking up garbage.

Article source: extreme eye news

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