Heavy rainfall in the rainy season, how to use the elevator safely? How to save yourself when it breaks down?



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Heavy rainfall in the rainy season, how to use the elevator safely? How to save yourself when it breaks down?


China Quality News Network News The plum rains season is coming, and many areas are experiencing heavy rains. How to deal with the elevator equipment during the rainy season and the return to the south? Wenzhou Special Inspection Institute in Zhejiang Province sent a treasure trove.

Possible consequences or problems

1. Elevator failure rate increased significantly, resulting in personnel trapped;

2. The electrical switch of the landing door below the middle and low floors and the safety circuit switch of the pit are easy to be connected due to excessive water vapor, resulting in elevator failure;

3. Long-term untreated water vapor immersion is easy to cause corrosion of mechanical parts;

4. If the overall grounding of the equipment is poor, it is easy to cause electric shock to passengers and cause safety accidents.

Precautions in advance and key points of response and prevention

Close the windows facing south and southeast. It is recommended to open the windows for ventilation in the morning and evening. If conditions permit, dehumidifier or air conditioner can be used.

Strengthen daily management, timely wipe the condensed water droplets at the elevator control cabinet, main engine, car "call" button and elevator door lock, etc. to avoid causing short circuit of equipment; The maintenance unit shall strengthen maintenance, increase the inspection frequency of electrical components, focus on the door locks and safety circuit switches of various electronic circuit boards, middle and low floors and bottom pits, and dry them if moisture is found to cause short circuit or insulation performance degradation, regularly carry out short-circuit protection and functional test of each electrical safety protection device to keep the electrical control device in an effective state.

Check the effectiveness of the elevator emergency alarm device, and immediately repair the failure of the emergency alarm device.

Measures for disposal during and after the event

1. People found trapped in the elevator should call for help according to the telephone number indicated on the elevator sign, and immediately carry out scientific rescue;

2. Analyze the causes of the failure to prevent accidents from happening again. After rectification, the elevator can be put into use only after meeting the requirements of the elevator use conditions.

3. After drying, carefully check whether the elevator parts are eroded by water vapor. If there are traces of water immersion, they should be disassembled and checked, and the electronic components should be tested separately;

4. Before power-on, the elevator should be insulated test, meet the requirements before power-on test.

Source: China Quality News Network, Wenzhou Market Supervision

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