AVIC Elevator Company elevator installation staff batch training successfully completed!



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On September 3, the batch training of elevator installation workers organized by the Party and Mass Work Department of AVIC Elevator Company was successfully completed. During the 4-day training period, a total of more than 80 elevator installation workers participated in the training and learning. The training content included elevator skills and experience sharing, installation operation safety training, how to achieve personal value in the post, and being an outstanding youth who has the courage to take responsibility.
Yu Kunzhi, Feng Guoshun, Long Shengming and Li Kaixiang, four elevator masters, explained in detail how to correctly install and inspect elevator parts during the construction process, shared with the employees their experience and skills since they were engaged in elevator installation and maintenance, and answered questions on the spot at the same time, thus solving the problems encountered by the employees during elevator installation.
Chen Xuesong, deputy director of the quality and safety center, and Zou Yang, safety officer, explained the basic knowledge of safety operation to the employees. By analyzing the recent safety accident cases, the risk identification ability of the employees in the elevator installation process was enhanced, and the elevator installation operation of the employees was further standardized.
Wang Fuye, Minister of the Party and Mass Work Department, started with the question of "how much do you know about the company", and gradually guided employees how to improve the value of their personal positions, so that employees understand that only continuous learning, love work, be willing to take responsibility, and maintain a proactive attitude In order to truly realize their life value and contribute to the development of the company.
From the perspective of young people, Zhang Chi, secretary of the Youth League Committee, clarified that the improvement of job skills and comprehensive quality is the key to future career development, and let employees know that only by strengthening learning and continuous accumulation can they develop and progress together with the company.
This training is not only a skill training for professional quality and professional ability, but also a encouragement meeting for emancipating the mind and forging ahead. It further enhances the sense of identity and belonging of elevator installation workers to the company, and has played a great role in promoting the rapid integration into the company. It has laid a good foundation for the smooth development of work in the future.


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