Elevator operators T certificate examination successfully completed!



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The first T-certificate examination for elevator operators in Zunyi City in 2019, jointly carried out by Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. and Zunyi Special Equipment Industry Association, was officially opened in Room 501 of AVIC Elevator Office Building. Zhang Weihua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of AVIC Elevator Company, Zhou Yu of Zunyi Special Equipment Industry Association and examiners of various subjects attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Yang Xiancheng, technical director of the examination center of AVIC Elevator Company. 36 elevator operators from various counties and districts in Zunyi City took part in the forensics examination. Under the full invigilation of Zunyi Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, 80% of the personnel passed the examination smoothly.
Opening Ceremony
In strict accordance with the requirements of the "measures for the Supervision and Management of Special equipment operators" and the "rules for the Assessment of Special equipment operators", this examination carries out theoretical assessment of elevator basic knowledge, elevator safety knowledge, laws and regulations and standards, and assessment of the practical operation ability of elevator operators such as parts identification, basic operation ability and emergency rescue treatment. On-site examiners earnestly perform their duties of invigilation, strictly enforce the discipline of the examination room, strictly control the entrance of the students, carry out face recognition before the examination, carefully check the admission ticket and ID card, ensure that the person and ID card are consistent, and monitor the examination site 360 degrees without dead corners, effectively eliminating cheating phenomena such as substitute examination, prompt and carrying materials.
face recognition
theoretical examination
Invigilator teacher
Practical Examination
When the last student finished the practical exercise, all the examiners put down the tight string. In order to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of this examination and truly control the quality of the examination, the examiners repeatedly discussed and studied from the examination site to the examination method, and worked overtime to prepare for more than a month. Today, they perfectly handed over a satisfactory answer sheet, which was highly affirmed by the leaders of the provincial and municipal market supervision and administration bureaus, and wrote a new chapter for the construction of elevator skilled personnel.


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