Epidemic prevention and production are not wrong! Huichuan Enterprises Grasp Production at Full Power



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Epidemic prevention and production are not wrong! Huichuan Enterprises Grasp Production at Full Power

From 6 o'clock on September 15, Huichuan District officially lifted silent control, residents have returned to work, enterprises also officially resumed production, in the premise of epidemic prevention and control to catch up with the schedule, rush progress, to ensure timely delivery of orders.

Entering Guizhou Zhonghang Elevator Co., Ltd., the workshop is already a busy scene. As a representative of Huichuan's high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, the intelligent production line of Zhonghang Elevator has been able to complete the production in a mature manner. From the pressing and forming of raw materials to the assembly of accessories, automatic robots are available for efficient operation. Workers only need to simply adjust the procedures and move the materials to manufacture.

It is understood that due to the regulations of some medium-and high-risk area control policies, 458 of the 528 employees of AVIC Elevator have returned to their jobs. In order to deliver the orders smoothly, AVIC Elevator adjusted its production strategy in time, grasped the construction period, and made great efforts to ensure the smooth completion of delivery in September.

"Our company had orders for 300 units to be delivered in September, so when Huichuan District lifted the silent control, we resumed normal production in a timely manner, and due to the company's high level of mechanized automation and low density of personnel in the plant, it is more secure in terms of epidemic prevention and control." Fan Chuanchi, a member of the party committee and executive deputy general manager of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd., said that in order to prevent the outbreak from rebounding, the company's incoming employees must measure their body temperature, check three yards and wear masks before entering the workshop to start production.

Source: Focus on Huichuan

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