Thrilling! Elevator "bite off" woman's ear tip......



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Thrilling! Elevator "bite off" woman's ear tip......

November 2 NewsThe construction site was injured by the elevator ear, resulting in the woman's right ear auricle almost completely avulsion.Fortunately, medical treatment in a timely manner, after the doctor carefully stitched, keep the ear tip. On the morning of November 2, in the Otorhinolaryngology Ward of Gutian District of Wuhan Fourth Hospital, the doctor removed the suture for the 59-year-old patient Ms. Xiong.
Ms. Xiong is an elevator operator at a construction site in Hankou. On the afternoon of the 26th, when ms Xiong was operating the elevator, the probe went out to check the situation outside the elevator. unexpectedly, the elevator door closed quickly, just clamping the upper part of ms Xiong's right auricle. "I just caught the tip of my ear and somehow tore it off." According to Ms. Xiong, not only was her ear painful, but her cheek was also injured and bleeding. Workers saw to help her cover the wound, quickly sent to the hospital.
In the Department of Otolaryngology, Wuhan Fourth Hospital, Dr. Xiao Changwu found that the soft tissue and cartilage in the upper part of Ms. Xiong's right auricle were cracked, almost completely avulsed, and only a small amount of skin was connected. The lacerated wound continued to the right side of the face and was still bleeding. At this time, it has been more than an hour since Ms. Xiong was injured. The longer the time is, the more difficult it is for Ms. Xiong to survive. After intense preoperative preparation, the doctor performed an emergency operation for Ms. Xiong.
The doctor removed the stitches for Ms. Bear.

"The suture of the wound is more troublesome, and it needs to be carefully sutured." According to Dr. Xiao Changwu, the auricle part protrudes from the body surface, and the blood supply is poor. Moreover, the blood vessels supplying blood to the ear are basically microvessels with small caliber, which is difficult to suture. Ms. Xiong's auricle is completely broken, and careful alignment is required before and after suturing to ensure that the blood vessels are connected. "On the one hand, the appearance of the ear is restored as much as possible, and on the other hand, the possibility of postoperative infection is reduced," Dr. Xiao Changwu said. After surgery, Ms. Bear avulsed part of the auricle color gradually ruddy. Fortunately, Ms. Xiong did not hurt the ear canal and the inner ear, so her hearing was not affected and her appearance could be maintained normal.

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