Sincerely cooperate and win-win together-AVIC Elevator Company and Zunyi Property Management Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement.



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On December 24, AVIC Elevator Company and Zunyi Property Management Association held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The event was held in AVIC Elevator Company.
At 15: 28 p. m., the signing ceremony officially began. Zhu Jie, general manager of AVIC Elevator Company, Li Hongjie and Yang Xiancheng, assistant general manager, Wu Linhai and Deng Shaoren, director of the engineering center, Peng Yangkun, party branch secretary of the Municipal Property Management Association, Wu Peizhong, president on duty, Feng Zexin, deputy secretary general, Guo Jianfeng, etc. Zhu Jie, general manager of AVIC Elevator Company, and Wu Peizhong, president on behalf of the association, signed the two parties respectively.
Zhu Jie said that AVIC Elevator is the only company in Zunyi City that has the qualifications for elevator safety management and elevator repair qualification examination, and has established its own practical examination base and computer examination room. The company has established its own talent reserve echelon through the talent training system of "passing, helping, leading" and classroom training. At present, the talent reserve has reached more than 300 people. Since the country launched the elevator skills competition in 2014, they have competed on behalf of the company for years and won the 1. two places in all previous competitions. They have successfully won the two championships of the 2018 and 2019 belt and road initiative and BRICS Elevator Skills Competition. They will also represent the country in the Russian Elevator Skills Competition in 2020. The company also actively responds to the national call for "installing elevators in old buildings". Through active exploration and seeking effective cooperation with local governments, the company vigorously promotes the important livelihood project of adding elevators to lead the intelligent transformation of old residential areas, serves and solves the "last kilometer road" of the masses, and fulfills the responsibility and obligation of state-owned enterprises to promote the well-being and people's livelihood through practice.
This sincere cooperation and strong alliance with the Municipal Property Management Association will surely present high-quality and high-level high-quality projects. We look forward to the two parties working together to create excellence.
According to the agreement, the two parties will conduct extensive cooperation in the acquisition and review of qualification certificates for elevator safety management practitioners, elevator maintenance, and the installation and transformation of elevators in old buildings. By establishing a harmonious strategic cooperative relationship, giving full play to their respective advantages, achieving in-depth cooperation, resource sharing, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation, jointly regulating the elevator service market and property service market, and improving service levels and service quality.


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