Nanning a residential area in the elevator to install benches, the cause of controversy! What do you think?



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Nanning a residential area in the elevator to install benches, the cause of controversy! What do you think?

There is a residential area in Nanning that is actually installed in the elevator.

What is this situation

Do you think this is convenient or blocking?

What do you think?

Let's talk about the elevator. Although it is said to be "sitting" in the elevator, in fact, everyone also knows that most people are standing in the elevator. Recently, a residential area in Nanning has come up with a "new move". Stainless steel benches have been installed in several freight elevators. Although it is also convenient for the elderly and pregnant women to "sit" on the elevator, some owners think that the benches take up too much space, which has caused controversy.

Reporters saw in Nanning Longyuan Yaju Community that each unit of the seven residential buildings has two elevators, a freight elevator and a passenger elevator. Among them, the freight elevator is equipped with stainless steel benches, while the passenger elevator is not installed, but the passenger elevator cannot reach the underground parking lot directly. The stainless steel bench in the elevator is about 1.4 meters long and 25 centimeters wide, and is installed close to the inside of the elevator. Some owners have reported that large items are mainly transported by freight elevators. Now they are equipped with benches, and many furniture cannot be moved in. However, if they are to be transported by passenger elevators, they have to walk from the underground parking lot to the ground floor.

Aunt Wei, owner of Nanning Longyuan Yaju Community: It's really a little small to move things. It's not convenient to move things.

Some owners also said that although the installation of benches takes up the elevator space, it is also a considerate service to facilitate the elderly or pregnant women to "take the elevator.

Liu, owner of Nanning Longyuan Yaju Community: Sometimes the old people are tired of holding their children, so it is OK to sit down for him.

Property: To prevent owners from moving electric cars upstairs

Bench does not affect the use of the elevator

In this regard, the community property said that the convenience of the elderly and pregnant women is indeed one aspect, but this is mainly to prevent a few owners from illegally moving electric vehicles upstairs. Previously, the property tried to install stone piers at the entrance of the goods ladder in the underground parking lot to stop it, but after the stone piers were removed, these owners still went their own way.

Xiao Li, staff member of Nanning Longyuan Property Service Co., Ltd.: The electric car is always moved upstairs, and it is not safe. A fire is a very serious problem.

Mr. Zhu, the person in charge of the property, also said that the stainless steel bench installed in the freight elevator is not heavy. Although it takes up space, it will not bring much load-bearing burden to the elevator.

Telephone interview with Mr. Zhu, property manager of Nanning longyuan property service co., ltd: including the professional maintenance of this elevator, stainless steel bench has nothing to do with the elevator.

It is true that electric vehicles should not be moved upstairs. If they are charged in the corridor, accidents such as fires are prone to occur. We have even reported the news that electric vehicles spontaneously ignite in elevators several times. However, everyone reported that this brings inconvenience to furniture handling, which is indeed a practical problem. We can understand the original intention of the property initiative, but we also hope to take into account the needs of the owners.

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