AVIC Elevator Company organized to watch the warning educational film "Alarm Bell Rings"



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In order to further promote anti-corruption education activities, strengthen the self-cultivation of party members and leading cadres, enhance their awareness of integrity and self-discipline, and improve their ability to resist corruption, prevent degeneration and resist risks, on May 30, 2019, the Disciplinary Committee of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. organized party members and leading cadres Watch the warning education film "Alarm Bell Rings".

The film records and reveals typical cases of violation of law and discipline, such as Chen Caijie, former vice mayor of Taizhou City, and Su limian, former director of the Party Committee of Ningbo Municipal People's Congress, and truly and vividly reveals how they have transformed from an ambitious and promising leading cadre into a corrupt element step by step. From the ideological roots, it deeply analyzes the cases of weak moral defense, unbalanced concept of life, abnormal expansion of selfish desires, and disregard of party discipline and national laws, leading to political loss of faith, economic greed, corruption and degeneration in life, and finally falling into the abyss of crime and losing the freedom of life. It also reveals the great harm caused by corruption to the country, society and family.

By watching the warning educational film, all party members and cadres received a baptism of thought and soul. they have received a profound warning education. Recognize the importance of the construction of party style and clean government and the necessity of strict use of power, strict self-cultivation, and strict self-discipline. "The embankment of a thousand miles is collapsed in an ant's nest." Everyone has expressed that they must learn lessons, continuously enhance their awareness of discipline, rules, and responsibility, consciously resist various temptations, and truly achieve "politics, strong party spirit, strict discipline, and compliance. rule."

Finally, Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of the party committee of the company, asked all party members and cadres of the company to learn from this. First, take the initiative to purify the "circle of friends", "life circle" and "cultural circle", strictly abide by the regulations of honest practice, actively and consciously improve legal awareness, and build a solid ideological and moral line of defense; second, we should reflect deeply from typical cases, and draw inferences from one another, seriously perform their duties, and always maintain integrity.


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