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Chinese Business Reporters Help | 3 Elevators in 1 Building Recently Frequently Failures Property: Running after Stable Debugging

 Ms. Zhang recalled the scene at that time, still have a lingering fear.

Hanlin Xinyuan Community is located in Wuyi Lane, Xi 'an City, with a total of 2 buildings. At 8 a.m. on March 28, an elevator in Building 1 broke down, and many parents and their children were trapped in the elevator for more than ten minutes. "No one responded by pressing the emergency call button until the residents outside the elevator heard the cry for help and ran to the property office to call for help." Ms. Zhang said the owner.

Ms. Zhang said that she has been in the community for six or seven years. Building 1 has 33 floors and is designed as 3 ladders and 8 households. In the past 20 days, all 3 elevators have had problems. She alone has been trapped in the elevator twice recently. "The elevator either suddenly fell off the floor during operation or got stuck."

On the morning of March 28, a reporter from China Business Daily came to the community. One of the elevators in the middle of the three elevators in Building 1 was blocked by a yellow fence and stopped running. The property posted a notice on the side, saying that "the middle elevator has been involved in frequent accidents recently and has now decided to temporarily close it". The other two elevators were operating as usual. Elevator use signs are posted in the west elevator, and the next inspection date is August 2023.

The property front desk called the hired elevator maintenance company maintenance staff. Maintenance personnel said that the elevator on the west side of building 1 broke down and had been repaired not long ago, and the power supply and contactor had been replaced. After a problem occurred in the middle elevator on the morning of the 28th, the contactor has been replaced. At present, it is temporarily closed for trial operation.

Manager Yan of the property came to the scene and said that he had communicated with the superior of the elevator maintenance company. The frequent failure of the elevator after the year was mainly the problem of the main control board. "The three elevators all passed the annual inspection in August last year, and there were records of the properties that failed. The emergency call button of the elevator was connected to the monitoring room. At 8 o'clock (28th), there was indeed no one in the monitoring room. The security guard went to the south parking lot to move the car." Manager Yan said that after that, someone was found to be on duty in the monitoring room. The property contacted another elevator maintenance company and elevator manufacturer to enter the residential area on the afternoon of the 28th and checked six elevators in the two buildings one by one.

At 7 pm, the reporter contacted manager Yan to ask about the progress. Manager Yan said, "The problem identified by the elevator in the middle of Building 1 was that the control cabinet had a switch that was overloaded, resulting in the elevator not being automatically powered off to the 1st floor during operation. The first two days of no-load operation, commissioning to the most stable state open operation, the other five elevators to check no problem." Manager Yan said that the frequent occurrence of failures after the elevator was repaired in the early stage was due to the fact that it was put into operation immediately after the elevator was repaired and there was no running-in period to debug to the most stable state.

Source: China Business Network-China Business Daily

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