The installation of elevators leads to controversy? They set up a platform on the spot to solve the problem together.



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The installation of elevators leads to controversy? They set up a platform on the spot to solve the problem together.

In recent years, the work of "installing elevators in old communities" has been fully promoted in various places, and it is not uncommon for high-level residents to respond positively and low-level residents to resolutely oppose it. This happened in the process of pushing the elevator installation in Lingxin Community of Guangzhong Road Street. The residents on the first floor of the ladder building were so excited that they were so obstructed that they even sat in the foundation pit of the construction site for a long time, causing the project to stagnate. The two sides called 110 immediately after the dispute.

The community police and the people's mediators in residential areas rushed to the scene and immediately started the linkage mediation mode. At the same time, they connected the judicial office to seek remote legal aid, and the immediate "three linkage" team was set up.

Investigate the root cause of the problem

In order to understand the whole story, the police and the people's mediator went to the homes of the residents on the first floor. Seeing the police and the mediator, the residents on the first floor began to complain:

"The lighting and ventilation of my house is normal, and I don't need to use the elevator. I think the installation of the elevator will make the lighting and ventilation of my house worse."

It turned out that as early as the consultation on the installation of elevators, the residents on the first floor held objections. Although after many times of coordination, the building finally passed with a consent rate of more than 75%, but the attitude of the residents on the first floor has not changed, and the contradiction is imminent.

In order to untie its "knot", the person in charge of the construction team of installing elevators was invited to the mediation site and explained the situation to the residents on the first floor in detail with design drawings and photos: since the installation of elevators is originally a wall, the installation of elevators will not affect its lighting and ventilation.

Hearing the other party's patient facts and reasoning, the first floor residents were relieved by most of the heart, but they also suggested that the installation of elevators made it convenient for high-level residents and even brought benefits to the value-added of high-level real estate, but they did not benefit significantly.

After hearing this, the secretary of the general party branch in the residential area earnestly persuaded him: "this elevator installation project is part of the renovation of the beautiful home project in the residential area. in addition, the streets are superimposed with supporting projects such as the creation of low-carbon communities, the merger of residential areas, and the exercise and health homes for the elderly. In the future, not only the outdoor environment such as building facades, public roads and community greening will be greatly improved, but also the service places for residents' entertainment and leisure will be expanded and updated. While improving the quality of the community, you will certainly enjoy a more pleasant living environment and experience better community services!"

Under everyone's joint efforts to persuade, the residents on the first floor gradually calmed down and finally nodded and agreed not to obstruct the construction of the ladder. At this point, the installation of the elevator project to resume construction.

Environment to enhance residents' satisfaction

After about 3 months of construction, a brand-new elevator has been erected next to the building. The long-awaited happy event of the residents has finally become a reality, and the residents on the first floor who have already untied the "heart knot" see the new community environment. Also showed a satisfied smile.

It is reported that in the future, all buildings in Lingxin District are expected to be fully covered by elevators. With the newly painted walls and the new elevators with unified color matching, the clean and tidy public facilities and the lush green vegetation, Lingxin community will usher in a gorgeous turn, and the residents will enjoy a more comfortable and livable living environment and more convenient and high-quality community services.


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