Do not forget your initiative mind, Keep in Mind the Mission, AVIC Elevator Hangao Elevator Party Branch Launches Party Day Celebration on July 1



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In order to welcome the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, review the glorious history of the party, inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the party, encourage the majority of party members not to forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, and establish firm ideals and beliefs. On June 27, 2019, the party branch of AVIC Elevator Hangao Elevator launched an educational activity with the theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep your mission in mind.

Comrade Fang Ling, secretary of the Party branch, introduced the agenda of this event. Everyone followed the red footprints of General Secretary Xi Jinping, relived the glorious years of the eight old revolutionary base areas, absorbed spiritual nutrients and positive energy, armed their thoughts and souls, and did not forget their original intentions. Go forward. Afterwards, I organized and watched the revolutionary educational film "Hey, Hit Him a Devil", which tells the story of the Buyi compatriots fighting wits and bravery against the Japanese aggressors and traitors under the leadership of the party. The film tells us that unity is strength, which encourages us to take the initiative to solve problems in our work and life, face difficulties and face difficulties, and fully reflect the advanced model and sacrifice spirit of the Communists.

Zou Jian, a member of the Party branch, explained the origin and development of the history of the founding of the Party on July 1, deepened the understanding of the history of the Party, and enhanced the sense of mission and responsibility of Party members. Then, centering on General Secretary Xi's original intention and keeping in mind the ideological connotation of the mission, combined with the content of this theme education, and in connection with the actual work, a heart-to-heart talk activity was conducted. The content involved the exchange of learning experience, the exchange of movie perceptions, and the problems encountered in work and life. And difficulties, suggestions for the work of the branch, etc., all party members expressed their feelings from the actual situation.

After all the party members stood up and sang the national anthem, Fang Ling, secretary of the party branch, led all the party members to face the bright red party flag, raised their right hand and solemnly swore, revisited the oath of joining the party, alerting us to Do not forget your initiative mind and keeping in mind our mission. Consciously abide by party discipline, implement party decisions, obey organizational arrangements, strive to complete party tasks, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. Reflect the true colors of party members in their daily work.

This theme education activity has enabled the majority of party members to receive profound party spirit education through the study of party knowledge, patriotic films, seminars, exchanges, and heart-to-heart talks, etc., and guided the majority of party members to forge ahead, and strengthened the party spirit and discipline of the majority of party members. And sense of purpose. Encourage the majority of party members and cadres to base themselves on their duties, keep their original aspirations, undertake missions, work hard, and have the spirit of daring to work hard.


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