Shaanxi: 1 dead and 2 injured when elevator falls down



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Shaanxi: 1 dead and 2 injured when elevator falls down

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On the morning of May 2, when an electrical appliance company in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province was dismantling an elevator for Ankang Central Hospital, the elevator counterweight connecting frame broke and the elevator car fell, causing one death and two injuries to three workers.
On the afternoon of May 2, the reporter rushed to Ankang Central Hospital after hearing the news. The elevator that fell was the elevator on the north side of the hospital's surgical building.
After the incident, the elevator entrance was surrounded by steel frames and protective nets. The elevator car stopped between the first floor and the second floor. There were some angle irons in the elevator room.
According to a patient's family member, at about 10:50 that day, he heard a "boom" as soon as he walked out of the surgical building, and then someone shouted "The elevator under construction fell from the fifth floor".
According to the staff of Ankang Central Hospital, xx Co., Ltd. is responsible for the demolition of the elevator in the surgical building.
After the incident, the hospital immediately sent emergency, surgery, security and other departments personnel rushed to the scene to implement the rescue.
At the same time, the hospital immediately instructed the company to report to the Ankang City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the Ankang City Safety Production Supervision Bureau.
After the full rescue of the hospital staff, three workers in the elevator car were rescued. One of the elevator mechanic surnamed Li was seriously injured and died on the spot. The other two mechanics were slightly injured and were discharged after being treated by the hospital. Go home.
After investigation by the Ankang City Quality Supervision Bureau and the Safety Supervision Bureau,
The company and technical workers have the qualifications to dismantle the elevator, so they initially determined that the accident was a serious safety accident. The specific cause of the accident needs to be further investigated and verified. At the same time, the company is required to actively and seriously deal with the aftermath. (Zhang Song)

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