Is it reasonable that the hole shoes are not allowed to go to the escalator?



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Is it reasonable that the hole shoes are not allowed to go to the escalator?


Summer has arrived

Cave shoes are also back in the Jianghu

Because it's light and comfortable and not stuffy.

Become a lot of people's summer "God shoes"


On social platforms

In addition to a lot of people sharing hole shoes wear outside

And a lot of people posting

Share your own thrilling experience of wearing hole shoes

And have called

"Don't take the escalator in your shoes!"

At the same time, some netizens said

Many shopping malls have also issued safety reminders.

Try not to wear hole shoes to ride the escalator

How dangerous it is to ride the escalator in hole shoes

The reason to ban wearing shoes on escalators

Mainly because it is easy to cause safety accidents.

especially for small children

Wearing shoes on the escalator is prone to accidents.

Many netizens shared their

The Pain of Cave Shoes

Many netizens left messages under the post.

Share similar experiences

Calling everyone to be careful

Some people also expressed doubts

Why wear hole shoes

The escalator can be dangerous

Another netizen asked:

After that, how to wear shoes?

There will also be warnings next to elevators in some shopping malls.

Do not allow to wear shoes on the elevator

Because wearing shoes on the escalator

There are not a few cases of injury.

June 9, 2021

Floor 2, Vanke Plaza, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

A four-year-old girl was wearing hole shoes.

Left foot stuck while riding the escalator

After nearly an hour of intense rescue by firefighters

The little girl's legs were successfully removed.

On-site medical staff judgment

The girl's internal calf bones may have been squeezed


When a three-year-old boy in Changsha took the escalator

Hole shoes caught in escalator

After the boy's foot was clipped and rescued from the escalator

Half of the whole toe is gone

And the nerve is broken

Broken bones need to be connected

The boy underwent a two-hour operation

Why do escalators love to "bite" hole shoes?

Cave shoes with wide toe

About 20% wider than normal shoes

To ensure comfort

The plastic is thick and the upper is very high

So even standing in a normal position

The sawtooth between the toe and two elevator steps

Also much closer than normal shoes


Because the friction between the plastic sole and the foot is not enough

The habit of standing at ordinary times can cause the shoe body to move forward.

Plus the friction between the plastic and the elevator is relatively large

Not easy to detect when pinching

When the feet feel it, they can't pull it out.

It is easy to cause an accident

In simple terms

Soft material for hole shoes

Easy to fit when rubbing against metal or other surfaces

It's easy to fit if you don't have time to lift your feet.

Front and side escalator step teeth

Causing suction

Coil the gap between the step and the apron

Firefighters experimented with hole shoes

Attach a hole shoe to the side of the escalator.

At this time, the shoes have a lot of friction with the side of the escalator.

With the elevator travel

Shoes are squeezed and deformed

almost for a moment

This pair of hole shoes was sucked in by the gap on the side of the elevator.

Not just shoes.

Wear similar soft-soled slippers and sandals

Be careful of being stuck when riding the escalator.

Try not to give children shoes with holes

So in everyday life

How should we avoid

The hole shoes were caught in the escalator.

Once the accident how to rescue?

Professional Reminder

There is an emergency switch at the upper and lower entrances of the escalator.

Any dangerous and unexpected situation

The emergency switch should be pressed decisively first.

Make the escalator stop

In addition

When riding the escalator

Try not to give children shoes with holes

When taking children on the escalator

Keep your child in a safe area.

Parents need to be supervised.

Let the child not move.

Special attention should be paid

When a child rides an escalator in open-toed shoes or shoes with long shoelaces

Keep as far as possible from the edge of the escalator and the connection of the steps.

Parents should hold the child's hand

Ensure that in the event of an emergency

Can respond in a timely manner

After knowing that wearing hole shoes is easy to get involved in the escalator.

Some netizens exposed themselves.

The way to sit on the escalator with a hole in your shoes


To avoid unnecessary harm

When riding the escalator

Please try not to wear shoes for children

Except for hole shoes

Slippers and flip-flops are also easily involved in escalators.


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