All the trainees of the city's state-owned enterprise party cadre training class visited AVIC elevator for exchange.



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On July 18, 2019, Zunyi State-owned Enterprise Working Committee organized all the trainees of the city's state-owned enterprise party cadre training class to visit AVIC Elevator to exchange party building work. Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of AVIC Elevator Party Committee, led him to visit the company's party member activity room, the characteristic party building cultural positions of each branch, the company exhibition hall and the intelligent production plant, and introduced in detail the development of the company's party building work, in particular, how the company's party organization plays a leading, promoting and guaranteeing role in the design, manufacturing, sales, installation, and maintenance of elevators, so as to truly realize the deep integration of party building work and production and operation tasks.

The Party Committee of AVIC Elevator Company was established inIn March 2013, there were six party branches, with a total of 99 party members. Since it became a first-level subsidiary of the Financial Holding Group at the end of 2018, the AVIC Elevator Party Committee, under the correct guidance of the Zunyi State-owned Enterprise Working Committee and the Financial Holding Group Party Committee, has continued to strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations, and established a "focus on party building around the center and strengthen leadership." Promote development "as the general policy, to create a" four first-class "strategic plan for party building work, and encourage each branch to dig deep, and refined into the spirit of the branch to guide party members to charge and make contributions in their work, effectively strengthen the deep integration of party building work and central tasks, and effectively promote the party branch to play the role of political core, leadership core and battle fortress.

In order to stimulate the sales staff to bear hardships and stand hard work and overcome difficulties in opening up the market, the party branch of the sales center, based on the former party branch secretary Li Xu, has refined the "3,000 spirit" (I. e. speaking thousands of words, trying every possible means and suffering all hardships) as the branch spirit, and has planted the "3,000 spirit" among all the salesmen by asking Li Xu to share sales experience, lead the team in actual combat and formulate effective competition mechanism ", the company's salespeople have been greatly improved in terms of ideological construction and business level, and have repeatedly achieved good results in market competition, so that the company's elevator market share in the province has reached 20%, and all kinds of elevator products are also exported to all provinces across the country. Even Xinjiang, Tibet and other remote areas also have the figure of" AVIC Elevator.

The complete success of this visit is not only the high recognition of the Party building work of AVIC Elevator by the Zunyi State-owned Enterprise working Committee and the Party Committee of Financial holding Group, but also the first successful step for AVIC Elevator to build a demonstration site for Party building. In the future work, the party committee of AVIC Elevator will continue to cultivate the effective way of deep integration of party building and enterprise management, and turn the party building work into a red business card of the company's image. to lay a solid political and ideological foundation for the all-round development of AVIC Elevator!


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