AVIC Elevator Launching MTP Middle and Senior Management Skills Upgrading Training



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In order to further improve the comprehensive quality and communication ability of the management personnel of AVIC Elevator Company, improve the executive ability and implementation ability of the staff, and cultivate a group of high-quality management teams who are good at management and have good style,7Month6On the same day, the company invited Mr. Liu Haihong, senior consultant of Beijing Bailang Education Development Co., Ltd., to conduct a one-dayMTPMiddle and senior management skills upgrading training.

According to the training requirements, participants80People divided by department10Groups, using group pointsPKThe team consciousness and competition consciousness of each group of students rose instantly. In the teaching process, Mr. Liu started from the manager's self-cognition, and explained step by step with a funny and humorous teaching style how to improve execution ability, efficient communication skills, how to effectively motivate subordinates, and how to build a high-performance team. The knowledge points are explained from shallow to deep, helping employees to reconstruct their cognition, know how to use management to achieve goals, and understand the principles and key points that should be followed in team cooperation, enhanced communication awareness.

 In a round of applause, the training ended successfully. The trainees are still unfinished, and they all expressed that the knowledge of this training is highly operable and practical. They are not only inspired by their work, but also clearly recognize the gap between their existing capabilities and meeting the company's future development needs, and realize that learning is The foundation of the foundation, the formation of an innovation team with strong execution ability is the key to promote the development of the company.



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