Thirty seconds! The 2-year-old boy was chucked by the elevator. The mother's move was too touching.



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Thirty seconds! The 2-year-old boy was chucked by the elevator. The mother's move was too touching.

At around 3 pm on August 5, when Ms. Cheng returned home with her 2-year-old son in the unit elevator,The elevator door suddenly lost control and clamped the child's head.

The incident occurred in Nanning, Guangxi. Seeing her son's head caught by the elevator door, ms cheng quickly held the elevator door with her left hand and left leg to prevent it from closing. while pressing the door opening button and the floor buttons with her right hand, she also asked her daughter to press the alarm button in the elevator.However, no one answered the alarm call, and the elevator doors continued to close.

Seeing the son caught in the head crying loudly, ms cheng evenThe calf was pinched and blue., also dare not let go, just like thatSupport for 30 seconds. Fortunately, the elevator door opened unexpectedly and several people quickly escaped.

Ms. Cheng immediately examined the child's head and found that the scalp was somewhat red but not broken. According to another owner,Since they moved in last year, the elevators in this unit have been out of condition frequently.

After the incident, the person in charge of the residential property company said that he would notify the maintenance company to repair the elevator. later, the reporter contacted a person in charge of the elevator maintenance company surnamed lu by telephone,The other party said that the quality of the elevator was no problem.. Mr. Lu said that the elevator maintenance company would negotiate with the property company to pay for the treatment costs incurred by Ms. Cheng and her child who were injured by the elevator.

Source: Guangxi Radio and Television

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