The man was trapped in the elevator of his villa for 9 hours... Don't take the elevator in these situations!



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The man was trapped in the elevator of his villa for 9 hours... Don't take the elevator in these situations!


Thanks to the neighbors and the police

If you hadn't come here

I don't even know when I'll be rescued.

Man trapped in his own elevator9 hours

Fortunately, the enthusiastic neighbors found and called the police.

Finally get out of trouble

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More than 11 pm on July 30

Lived in Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Ms. Qiu from a villa in Cangqian, Yuhang

I heard the sound of "thumping, thumping" coming from next door.

also seems to beAccompanied by a few "help"

Listen carefully to the sound

It seems to beIt came from the elevator next door.

"No, the neighbor is trapped in the elevator"

Ms. Qiu immediately took out her mobile phone and called the police.

After receiving the alarm

Police force of No. 1 Mobile Squadron of Patrol Special Police Brigade

Immediately rush to the scene to rescue

On arrival at the scene

Ms. Qiu told the patrol team leader Xiong Qingfeng

When she was in the shower

Hear someone shouting

I am trapped in the elevator, who will help me?

several sound in a row

And there'sThe sound of beating on the walls

She knew the neighbor had an elevator

So realized someone was trapped in the elevator

But the door of the neighbor's house is locked

No answer in the house

The facade of the wall is all glass

On-site police use telescopic ladder

It is also difficult to enter the trapped man's home.

Careful Xiong Qingfeng discovered through observation

Ms. Qiu and her neighbor's house are in a row.

You can enter the trapped man's home through the small platform outside the third floor.

Rescue the man as soon as possible.

Xiong Qingfeng led team member Mi Haijiang and others

Regardless of their own safety, they turned over the window to enter the man's home.

After the rescue police entered the room

Immediately come to the elevator position

First comfort the trapped man not to be nervous

Then carry out rescue according to the scene situation

In the end, everyone's efforts

Successfully rescued the trapped man

The trapped man, Mr. Wang, said

The elevator at home also had a breakdown last month.

But no attention

I didn't expect more than 2 pm that day.

He broke down again when he took the elevator from the fourth floor to the third floor.

Because he was the only one at home

I can't call the police without my cell phone.

You can only save yourself by kicking the elevator door

Fortunately, the later cries were heard by the neighbors.

to be rescued

Police remind:

Regular maintenance of household elevator equipment

Ensure safe operation of elevator equipment

In case of elevator failure

Call for help outside in time.

Or carry out self-rescue correctly according to the operation guidelines.

Try not to jump with your feet or break open the elevator door with your bare hands.

In case of elevator fall accident

Source: China Elevator Lecture Hall

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