Is it really a "pit" to install an elevator? The 70-year-old elevator installation project "stopped"!



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Is it really a "pit" to install an elevator? The 70-year-old elevator installation project "stopped"!

Installation of Elevator Halfway to Be Cracked

The installation of elevators in residential buildings is an effective way to improve the architectural functions of old buildings and solve the problem of residents going up and down the stairs, which really improves the happiness of residents. In recent years, Qingdao has continuously improved the relevant policies for installing elevators in existing residential buildings, extended the period of awards and subsidies, adjusted the voting rules for installing elevators according to the Civil Code, and solved the problem of "one vote veto" in the early residents' negotiation process. Thereby reducing the difficulty of installing elevators.

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However, many residents successfully passed the "start-up pass" and encountered the "construction pass". Some elevator installation projects "stopped" as soon as they started. Residents looked at the "pit" and sighed. since this year alone,Qingdao 12345 government service convenience hotline and party newspaper hotline 82863300 received about 200 complaints about the suspension of installation of elevators in existing residential buildings, involving more than 70 projects in the city, of which the longest suspension has been more than two years.
Site I:Unreasonable construction period difficult to promote
The installation of elevators in existing residential buildings will inevitably involve pipeline relocation and road occupation construction, but some projects cannot be carried out normally due to unreasonable construction schedule. Recently, residents of No. 11 Fotao Road reported to the party newspaper hotline that the elevator was installed in Unit 1 of Building 2 of the hospital. The contract period is from December 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023, but the site is still only a big pit.
The reporter saw that the pit is located in front of Unit 1 of Building 2, covering an area of about 20 square meters. A construction fence is set up on the periphery. The pipes in the pit are vertical and horizontal, and there are a lot of gravel, which is covered with tarpaulins, plywood, and woven bags.
"It has been like this for several months now, and there has been neither progress nor backfilling of the big pit." An upstairs resident complained.
The reporter learned from Badaguan Street that the project was suspended due to factors such as pipeline migration and road-occupying hoisting schemes. In January this year, after the elevator construction party excavated the ground, it was found that there were many pipes such as heating under the working surface. Because the heating pipe can not be moved in the heating season, the project was "shut down". At the end of the heating season, the construction party moved the pipeline, but the construction was deadlocked again. According to the elevator hoisting plan, the crane will be closed for construction on Fotao Road for two days, while the first-line road in Qianhai cannot be closed for construction during the tourist season. The traffic police department did not approve the plan.
The staff of the Urban Development Office of Badaguan Street told reporters that on July 27, the district urban construction department, the district planning department, the street, and the community held an on-site coordination meeting with residents and the elevator construction party to reach "fill the foundation pit and restore the original appearance." Dig again when the elevator is installed, but the site has not yet been restored to its original appearance.
Reporters later learned from the elevator construction party that they had adjusted the hoisting plan and planned to dismantle the courtyard door and let the crane enter the courtyard for operation to avoid occupying the road for a long time. The courtyard door and damaged ground will be repaired after the construction is completed. The program has been approved by the traffic police department. In addition, some residents have recently requested to widen the distance between the elevator and the unit door. The construction direction planning department has submitted an application for design change to widen the distance from 1.8 meters to 2.3 meters. At present, this change has been approved by the planning department and will be announced in accordance with the procedures in the near future. Construction can be resumed after the relevant residents agree.
Although they saw the hope of the elevator resuming work, some residents questioned: "Before the construction of the project, can the relevant units make a pipeline relocation plan in advance, and learn from the traffic police department in advance about the construction requirements of Qianhai first-line road occupation. Don't wait to dig up the ground before you find that you can't push forward, wasting time and money."
Site 2:Barbaric construction causes discontent among residents
Digging off sewage pipes, private change heating pipes, protection is not in place ...... Because of dissatisfaction with the elevator construction side of the brutal construction, some residents who initially agreed to install the elevator lost confidence. Recently, residents of Unit 1, Building 12, No. 39 Dengzhou Road reported to the party newspaper hotline that during the Mid-Autumn Festival last year, the elevator builder entered the site for construction, and the sewage pipe was dug out on the same day. It has not been repaired so far, and the foundation pit has become a "sewage well".
Reporters saw at the scene that the south side of the foundation pit was less than half a meter away from the residential building, leaving the passage for residents to enter and leave was very narrow, and the lower part of the pavement slab was hollowed out without any support. The enclosure on the north side of the foundation pit collapsed, the foundation pit was covered with weeds, and the center of the foundation pit was covered with a wooden board. Beneath the board is a broken sewage pipe that overflows the bottom of the pit.
"It took nearly two years for our unit to install elevators, but it is still a rotten pit." The complainant told reporters that at the end of 2021, all owners of the unit agreed to install elevators and implemented publicity according to procedures. In January last year, the owner signed a contract with the elevator builder. On September 10 of the same year, the elevator construction party broke the sewage pipe when excavating the foundation pit, so the construction plan was adjusted. But half a month later, the elevator builder dug a drainage ditch under the north window of 102 households without the consent of the owner, which was stopped by 102 households. After that, the elevator construction convenience has been suspended on the grounds that the owner of the low floor does not agree with the construction.
In response, 102 owners said: "The elevator builder carried out barbaric construction and moved the pipeline without the consent of the owner. After the accident, it was ignored. We certainly can't let such companies continue to work."
"Until now, the elevator builder has neither given a feasible construction plan nor backfilled the foundation pit, and the safety enclosure has only been set up in the last six months." A resident on the middle floor told reporters that at present, all the owners of the unit have reached a consensus to terminate the contract with the elevator builder and require them to backfill the foundation pit and refund the fees paid by the owners.
Unit 3 of the building also faces the same dilemma. The reporter saw the same shutdown elevator foundation pit at the gate of Unit 3.
According to the owners of Unit 3, they hired the same elevator construction company as Unit 1, and the construction time was similar. During the construction, the workers relocated the heating pipeline without permission and notified the heating station after being discovered by the owner.
"The elevator construction company moved the line without filing with us. We asked them to stop work immediately, but the construction personnel insisted on the construction and the residents called the police." The relevant person in charge of Sanjiang heating station said that the normal procedure should be that the elevator construction company should file the relocation plan with the heating station in the jurisdiction, and then the heating station should apply to the heating company, and the construction can only be carried out after the application is approved.
For the status quo, the elevator construction side said that the shutdown was related to the obstruction of the owners of the lower floors. Due to the long downtime, some residents have lost confidence in the installation of elevators. The company is promoting the installation of elevators in Building 4 of the district, hoping to dispel residents' concerns with the help of successful cases. If the residents insist on refunding the fees, they will negotiate further and calculate the relevant fees in accordance with the contract.
Site three:There is a gap in additional funds for the project.
Elevator installation into the construction link after the emergence of construction additions, funding gaps will also cause the project to stagnate. Recently, Mr. Yu, a citizen, reported that the installation of elevators in two buildings in Yujiaoxiahe community on Jiushui East Road has been suspended for a year and a half.
Reporters at the scene to see, two elevator projects are foundation pit state. Among them, guardrails and dense mesh nets are set up around the foundation pit in front of Unit 2 of Building 5. The pipelines in the pit are staggered and a lot of garbage is accumulated. The reporter noticed that the door opening of the unit had been removed, and the air-conditioning water above dripped directly onto the tile floor at the door, which was very slippery. Another foundation pit is located in front of Unit 1 of Building 10, and a cover plate is set above the foundation pit.
According to the complainant, Mr. Yu, the construction of the two foundation pits began last spring, and they have been kept like this since they were dug up, which not only brings inconvenience to residents, but also poses safety risks. Earlier, an old man fell in front of the foundation pit of Building 10. Residents hope to speed up the progress of elevator installation. If work cannot be resumed in a short period of time, it should be restored to its original state to eliminate potential safety hazards.
The reporter learned from the Yujiaoxiahe Community Neighborhood Committee that Yujiaoxiahe Community is a village-to-residential community, and the 1/3 population is the elderly. In August 2018, when the residents moved back, the community investigated the willingness to install elevators, which was approved by the vast majority of residents.
"In order to solve the problem of inconvenience for the elderly on the middle and high floors, the community raised funds and took the lead in launching the project of installing elevators in buildings 5 and 10 last spring." The staff of Yujiaoxiahe Community Neighborhood Committee told reporters that after the foundation pit of Building 5 was dug, the construction party stated that the original cable could not meet the electricity requirements of the elevator and needed to lay a special cable. However, the cost of laying special cables is high, which greatly exceeds the budget. At the same time, special cables need to span the entire community, and construction will affect multiple buildings. Some residents have different voices about this. The stagnation of the elevator project in Building 10 is not only the same problem of laying special cables, but also related to the disagreement of the residents of the building.
The reporter learned from Jiu Shui Road Street that the stagnation of elevator installation in Yujiahe Community mainly involves two reasons: lack of funds and disagreement among residents. In the next step, the street will urge the community to actively raise funds, do a good job in mass work, and help residents realize their dream of elevators as early as possible.
Recommendations:Do a good job of preliminary survey,Raise industry access threshold
The reporter's investigation found that insufficient construction survey, irregular construction, inconsistent opinions of residents, and inadequate funds are all reasons for the stoppage of the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings.
A person in the elevator installation industry pointed out that in the process of installing elevators in existing houses, many old houses have no drawings for reference at all. Even if there are drawings, there are often cases where the drawings do not match the actual situation. However, some elevator construction companies did not conduct on-site survey before construction, and only after digging the foundation pit did they find that they needed to move various pipelines or even change the original design. The migration of these pipelines needs to communicate with the property right unit one by one to go through the relevant procedures. If the original design is changed, it is necessary to listen to the opinions of residents and re-publicize them. The new plan may encounter opposition from some residents, or it may increase the cost and cause the funds to "drop the chain.
"When reviewing the filing procedures for the installation of elevators, the relevant departments did not make mandatory requirements for the preliminary survey of the project, and the preliminary survey needs to pay a third-party company. If the project fails to start in the end, it is equivalent to" Shui Piao '." The staff in charge of elevator installation in a district urban construction bureau said frankly that elevator construction companies are generally unwilling to conduct preliminary surveys, but directly enter the site for construction, which creates uncertainty for the project.
In this regard, Wang Jialin, a member of the Qingdao Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, suggested that the relevant departments should take the preliminary survey as a necessary option before the construction of the project. The elevator builder shall use technical means to evaluate the underground pipe network and soil quality in advance, coordinate the relocation plan with the pipeline property right unit, communicate with the traffic police department about the construction closure conditions, and make a feasible plan for fine and detailed construction to avoid blind construction.
The qualification and level of the enterprise is an important factor in the smooth promotion of the project. Wang Jialin suggested that the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings involves civil construction, special equipment installation and other professional construction, and the relevant departments should strengthen the qualification examination of elevator installation construction enterprises, raise the industry access threshold of construction enterprises, and beware of "grass platform team" disturbing the industry. It is suggested to establish a list of elevator installation enterprises and an assessment mechanism. The residents' representatives, communities and streets that install elevators will score the enterprises and publicize the number, completion degree and score of elevators installed by the enterprises, so as to facilitate the citizens to choose elevator installation enterprises with good construction specifications and reputation.
"the installation of elevators affects the lighting, ventilation and traffic of some residents, which is an important reason for residents' opposition, and most of the above problems stem from the deficiency of the original structural design of the house." Zhou Peng, managing partner of Guohao lawyer (Qingdao) firm, suggested that taking the transformation of old residential areas as an opportunity, we should formulate appropriate renovation plans for the affected houses while installing elevators, improve the lighting, ventilation, traffic and other conditions of the relevant houses, and increase the compensation methods for owners whose rights and interests are damaged. For example, add ventilation windows for houses affected by ventilation, re-plan the surrounding environment of houses to improve traffic conditions, etc., to resolve conflicts from the source.
In addition, the reporter learned that in the actual operation of installing elevators in old buildings, some residents did obstruct the normal construction and caused the project to stagnate. In this regard, some cities have issued relevant regulations: for existing residential buildings that have gone through the planning review and construction filing procedures, the relevant owners shall not obstruct or destroy the construction; if the construction is obstructed and other owners suffer economic losses, they shall bear the compensation according to law. Liability, those who violate the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law" shall be dealt with by the public security organs according to law. "Our city can learn from the practice of other places to issue relevant regulations, and at the same time, combined with the judicial practice of existing elevator installation disputes, strengthen the publicity of law popularization, strengthen the owners' awareness of the rule of law, punish illegal obstruction of construction in accordance with the law, and ensure the execution of owners' collective decisions." Zhou Peng suggested.

Source: Qingdao Daily, Elevator Circle

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