Nine people trapped in a high-rise elevator in a residential area on the south bank, fire emergency rescue



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Nine people trapped in a high-rise elevator in a residential area on the south bank, fire emergency rescue

On the evening of September 19, 9 citizens were trapped in a high-rise elevator in a community in Nan'an District for more than an hour. There was a risk of hypoxia. The situation was very urgent. After receiving the alarm call, Nanping East Road Station of the Special Service Detachment of the Chongqing Fire Rescue Corps rushed to the scene for disposal.
According to the person in charge of the site, the building has a total of 32 floors and a total of 4 elevators. The personnel are trapped in the No. 2 elevator. This elevator is also the only high-rise elevator. Therefore, there are no doors on the 2nd to 20th floors, and only individual floors are equipped. Security door.
After finding that the personnel were trapped, the property immediately contacted the elevator maintenance personnel for maintenance. However, due to the damage of the circuit board, the elevator motor could not be pulled up and down, so it could only be parked on the 13th floor where there was no elevator safety door. At this time, more than an hour has passed since the personnel were trapped, and the trapped personnel have experienced hypoxia, and their lives may be in danger at any time.
Knowing that the trapped personnel were in critical condition and the rescue was difficult, the fire rescue personnel quickly surveyed the terrain and cut off the main power supply of the elevator. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the trapped personnel and rescue personnel, the leading cadres immediately made a decision and went down from the safety door on the 14th floor to the top of the elevator to carry out rescue.
After the fire rescue personnel cooperated with the elevator maintenance personnel to open the safety door on the 14th floor, they shouted to the elevator to ask if there were any injuries and appease the trapped people. Then, the fire rescue personnel went down to the top of the elevator, opened the safety port, used the ladder to enter the elevator, and transferred all the trapped people out in an orderly manner.

After less than 8 minutes of intense rescue, 9 trapped people were successfully rescued. Fortunately, the rescue was timely. All the trapped people had stable vital signs and no life-threatening.

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