One person is 50 cents, one sweep up and down! A residential building in Wuhan has been charged for 23 years......



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One person is 50 cents, one sweep up and down! A residential building in Wuhan has been charged for 23 years......

 On September 17, a netizen posted that the elevator in a residential building in Wuhan needed to scan the code to pay for the elevator, causing widespread concern. On the morning of September 19, the reporter came to the residential building involved for a visit. The toll staff told the reporter that this system has lasted for 23 years.

  A residential building in Wuhan charges for taking the elevator.

  Reporter real exploration

At 11: 00 a.m. on the 19th, the reporter came to the residential building involved at No. 95, shimazheng lane, Hanzheng street, Wuhan city. on the first floor of the building, a middle-aged woman surnamed wan was specially responsible for supervising the elevator code scanning. when the reporter was ready to take the elevator upstairs, he was reminded, "there is a charge for the elevator to go up and down, and there is another charge."

"Elevator charges started in 2000 and it has been 23 years since this year." Ms. Wan told reporters that the building did not charge property fees, and the elevator charges were mainly used for the maintenance of the elevator, the "salary" of the elevator toll personnel, and the expenses for maintaining the normal operation of the elevator.

There are special personnel on duty in the elevator room of the building.

Ms. Wan said that at present, there are four people on duty in the building in turn to be responsible for the elevator charges. From 6: 00 a.m. to 11: 00 p.m., the money received belongs to the individual, and each person will pay a certain amount of money to the "leader" in charge of the elevator every month ".

When the reporter asked who the "leader" was, Ms. Wan said "not clear". The reporter then came to the Shima Community Residents Committee. A staff member told the reporter that regarding the issue of building elevator charges, it is necessary to find the property of the building.

In the elevator room of the building, a price notice board is particularly eye-catching, the notice board shows that "Wufang 3# building is a building without property fees, in line with the principle of elevator charges taken from the elevator electricity maintenance for civilian use, to ensure the normal operation of the elevator, the operation time and charging standards are now publicized as follows..." and clearly defined the charging standards of each period, the signboard is the East Property Hanzheng Management Office. However, the reporter repeatedly dialed the supervision phone on the public notice board, but no one answered.

The toll price bulletin board hanging in the building

Residents of the community have different views on whether the charge for taking the ladder is reasonable. A young tenant, Mr. Li, has lived in the community for three or four years. He feels "indifferent" to the elevator charges in the community; another resident thinks that "it is unreasonable to charge two yuan for taking goods to the elevator."

  Are elevator charges compliant?

  Lawyer Interpretation

Reporter inquiries found that "elevator charges" is not an example. In 2020, a residential area in Jinan City will be charged "per time" for elevators, and 30 yuan will be charged 600 times, causing disputes among owners. In 2021, a residential area in Hangzhou will be equipped with a "bus elevator". The elevator company will bear the full cost of the preliminary construction and the later maintenance. The owner does not need to pay in the early stage. Each time he takes the elevator, he will pay 1 yuan, which has triggered a lot of discussion.

Shi Wei, a lawyer from Yunnan Tianwaitian Law Firm, said:

First of all, it can be judged from the photos that the installation of the elevator has already involved the rights and interests of the owner of the whole building. The owner of the building should enjoy the right of way and the right of use. As for the amount of charges, it depends on the agreement of both parties;

Secondly, considering that the elevator needs to be maintained and paid for electricity, it is also possible to charge part of the cost appropriately. If the charge is too high, the owner of the building also has the right not to allow the elevator to operate because it occupies the common part of the owner;

Finally, if outsiders also have to charge a fee for each elevator ride, it is tantamount to business behavior, and the corresponding administrative examination and approval procedures (business license) should be handled to be legal and reasonable.

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