AVIC Elevator Held 2018 Leading Cadre Debriefing and Assessment Conference



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In order to strengthen the performance appraisal management of the company's leading cadres, improve the sustainable development ability and overall quality of the team, and meet the talent demand for the future strategic development of AVIC Elevator, on January 12, 2019, AVIC Elevator held the 2018 leading cadre debriefing appraisal meeting. A total of 45 members of the AVIC Elevator leadership team, middle-level and above cadres and employee representatives participated in the appraisal meeting.
In this assessment, the main person in charge of the department will state the development of key work in 2018, the existing problems and improvement measures in the work, and the next step.
Plan and specific implementation measures, the participants follow the principles of objectivity, impartiality and seeking truth from facts, and score the debriefing personnel on the spot in combination with the evaluation data.

At 8: 40 a.m., the debriefing and assessment meeting kicked off in a speech by fan chuanchi, deputy general manager of AVIC elevator. he said that carrying out debriefing and assessment is not only the assessment of cadres, but also the training and training of cadres. he hopes that through this way, we will promote the improvement of the overall quality and management level of the middle-level cadre team and lay a solid foundation for completing all the work arranged by the company in the future. Then, the main heads of various departments took the stage to report on their work in turn.
After the completion of the debriefing of various departments, Zhang Weihua, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, made a concluding speech on the assessment. He said that the cadres' debriefing should not only summarize the past self, but also restrict the future self. He should not only grow up in reflection, but also make clear his future work plan in deep thinking. The company is in a stage of rapid rise, and the requirements for talents will be more stringent. I hope everyone's business ability can keep up with the pace of the company's development. General Manager Hu Ming also gave important work instructions. He pointed out that talents are the core competitiveness of enterprise development. The company attaches great importance to and cares about the growth of middle-level cadres and talents. Everyone should communicate more in their work, learn from each other, learn from each other, and work hard. He believes that with the joint efforts of everyone, AVIC Elevator will surely skyward and have a bright future!





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