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On January 17, it was deep winter and the wind was bitter. In order to let the new employees who joined the company during 2018 feel the company's care for them, and also let them feel more warmth in the cold winter, AVIC Elevator launched the "Two Sending Warmth" activity. Party Secretary Zhang Weihua represented the company. More than 60 new employees sent new quilts and other warm supplies, and expressed their deep care and condolences to them.

In recent years, the scale of AVIC Elevator has been expanding. While the production and operation efficiency has been steadily improved, how to increase the care for employees has become a key issue in the humanized management of AVIC Elevator. In order to let all employees feel the care from the company and the warmth from the collective family, AVIC Elevator continues to introduce new measures, and the "Two Sending Warmth" activity for new employees is one of the important ones.

The launch of the "Two Festivals to Send Warmth" activity has set up a heart-to-heart and affection bridge between AVIC elevator leaders and employees. Although we are in the cold winter at this moment, everyone is warm in their hearts. The new employees also expressed that they would turn the concern and expectation of the leaders into the motivation of hard work, keep making progress, and contribute their own strength to the development of AVIC Elevator.


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