AVIC Elevator Launching Safety Training for Resuming Work after 2019



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February 17, 2019 is the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday of AVIC Elevator. The company organized all employees to carry out safety training for all employees to resume work in the conference room on the fifth floor. Hu Ming, party secretary and chairman of AVIC Elevator, attended the training and made a speech on safety production mobilization.

In view of the situation that most of the employees who are still immersed in the festive atmosphere after returning to work during the half-month holiday, their safety thoughts are lax and their safety awareness is reduced, AVIC Elevator organized this training. The training content mainly starts from guiding and adjusting the psychological state of employees, resolving the "post-holiday syndrome" symptoms of employees, etc., through in-depth and simple explanations, and playing typical safety accident cases, the employees are adjusted from a lax state, and the employees are required Enter the job in the best state and fully carry out the hidden danger investigation work, in particular, the safety inspection of elevator installation and construction site, temporary electricity, tools and equipment, etc., can resume production on the premise of ensuring safety, and at the same time avoid safety accidents caused by mental and psychological state. Before the training, Hu Ming reviewed the situation of production safety in 2018 and deployed the work of production safety in 2019. He mobilized the workers who were still immersed in the festive atmosphere to set the tone for the work of production safety in 2019, indicating that safety is the red line and the bottom line, so that everyone can start the work of the new year in a full working state. At the same time, in view of the unfavorable economic environment and the severe situation faced by the company, we call on all employees to work hard and actively to achieve the company's production and operation goals this year. Through this training, the safety awareness of employees was effectively improved, and the foundation was laid for the safety production after the holiday. The employees who participated in the training ended the training with full enthusiasm and good mental state.



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