AVIC Elevator Held Second Workers' Congress



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On March 1, AVIC Elevator Second Workers' Congress was held ceremoniously. The meeting is divided into four parts: the opening ceremony, the group discussion of staff representatives, the resolution of the presidium and the closing ceremony. 85 employee representatives from various positions of the company and various advanced collective representatives and advanced individuals of the company who were commended in 2018 attended the meeting.

The day before the meeting, at 14: 00 p.m. on February 28, all staff representatives elected members of the new AVIC Elevator Trade Union Committee, Economic Review Committee and Women's Working Committee. The new members discussed and elected Zhang Weihua as chairman of the trade union, Wang Qian as vice chairman of the trade union, Chen Weilei as director of the Economic Review Committee and Chen Jie as director of the Women's Working Committee.
At 9: 00 a.m. on March 1, the conference officially kicked off. Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of the party committee of AVIC elevator and chairman of the trade union, presided over the meeting. Hu Ming, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of directors, gave a work report on the theme of "new responsibilities in the new era, new journey and new actions" to all staff representatives, comprehensively reviewed the operation of AVIC elevator in 2018 and the key work plan for the next year. The report pointed out that 2018 is a turning point for the company. It is a year for the company to respond to challenges and actively act. Under the strong leadership of governments at all levels and higher-level units, the company is determined to forge ahead, open and innovative, and work hard, and successfully completed The business tasks for the whole year. 2019 is the year for the company to achieve high-quality development and accelerate transformation and upgrading. I hope that all employees of the company can fully recognize the situation and seize the opportunity, with rock-solid confidence, the energy to seize the day, and perseverance., Work hard, based on a new starting point, achieve new deeds, and strive to create a new journey of company development! Deputy General Manager Zhu Jie made the 2018 Financial Work Report. In the report, she pointed out that with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, AVIC Elevator's 2018 operating income was 0.408 billion yuan, 136 of the plan was completed, and a beautiful report card was handed over. Zhang Weihua made the "Report on the Work of the Trade Union Committee", and Jiang Xiaolan, director of the previous Economic Review Committee, made the "Report on the Work of the Trade Union Economic Review Committee."
Lu Lin, deputy general manager of financial holding group, Secretary of the Party committee of SDIC and chairman of the board of directors, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech on behalf of the superior units. He first affirmed Hu Ming's work report, believing that his work summary in 2018 was comprehensive, objective, practical and realistic, and had clear ideas, clear goals, comprehensive and pragmatic, and inspiring for future work planning. At the same time, he also gave constructive opinions on the healthy development of the company. He proposed that AVIC Elevator must develop comprehensively in all aspects if it wants to continue to maintain high-speed economic growth. First, it must optimize the structure, develop elevator supporting industries, and strengthen the company's ability to resist risks.; Second, improve quality and efficiency to ensure that the company's production and operation always maintain high-quality operation; third, strengthen the brand, increase corporate value and product prices, and establish corporate image; fourth, to achieve listing, the use of social capital to leverage power, the company bigger and stronger. Lu Lin said that the Financial Holding Group and China Investment Corporation will become a strong backing to support the development of AVIC Elevator in the future. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, AVIC Elevator will definitely go to the world and become synonymous with Chinese elevators!
In the group discussion, in order to receive the demands of the employees at close range and understand the psychological dynamics of the employees, the company's leadership team was scattered to various groups to participate in the discussion. Typical and common problems are recorded on the spot so that solutions can be proposed and discussed during the subsequent deliberations of the Bureau of the General Assembly. The delegates spoke enthusiastically and expressed their opinions, and put forward some constructive opinions and suggestions on production and operation, wages and benefits, corporate culture, party building, and personnel training.
The resolution of the review meeting is a crucial link of this workers' Congress. In this link, the company leaders discussed the problems raised by the staff representatives in the group discussion in detail, and sorted out effective solutions, and replied one by one in the closing ceremony.
At the closing ceremony, Fan Chuanchi, deputy general manager of AVIC Elevator, announced the resolution of the first workers' Congress of the second session, and the staff representatives on the spot unanimously agreed to all the contents of the resolution by a show of hands. Hu Ming and Zhang Weihua signed the Collective Wage Negotiation Agreement and the Collective Labor Contract. Subsequently, the company commended the collectives and individuals who performed well in 2018.
Zhang Weihua delivered a closing speech at the conference. First of all, he thanked the higher-level units, the higher-level trade unions and all the staff representatives for their strong support for this meeting. With the joint efforts of everyone, the workers' congress, which lasted for one and a half days, could come to a perfect conclusion. This year, the company will face the arduous task of going up to the next level and seeking to leapfrog. We will shoulder the heavy responsibility, sail against the current, and go up the torrent. Zhang Weihua believes that in the future, under the correct leadership of the superior unit, the superior trade union and the company's party committee, all employees will be realistic, pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising, and through their own efforts, ensure the smooth completion of the company's business goals this year, and make greater contributions to the company's better tomorrow!



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