Eight people were trapped in elevators for more than an hour, and 39 problem elevators in this street in Shanghai entered the repair list.



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Eight people were trapped in elevators for more than an hour, and 39 problem elevators in this street in Shanghai entered the repair list.

"Comrade police, thank you very much indeed!" "This broken elevator, I want to tell everyone in the group, is really killing people!"

On the evening of May 19, 2023, 8 people were trapped in Building 3 of a certain lane on Wuding Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai due to elevator operation failure. After the police arrived at the scene, they used an iron bar to pry open a crack from the outside with the property to leave a "breathing" space for the trapped residents. Fortunately, the elevator maintenance staff arrived in time, and the eight residents trapped in the elevator finally got out of the trap. Some people sat paralyzed against the wall and were trapped for more than an hour. They were still in fear.

Cao Jiadu police station joint multi-department to carry out the old elevator maintenance. Jingan police map

The next day, Caojiadu police station quickly conducted a review of the accident through the "closed-loop system" police information module, and informed the streets, neighborhood committees and other departments of the aftermath of the police information. based on the results of the study and judgment, the "double work station" (joint service work station) quickly docked with the street functional departments and invited a team of lawyers to form a special class, conduct a comprehensive investigation and inspection on the elevator operation, maintenance, inspection and emergency disposal of the "old broken big" high-rise buildings within the jurisdiction, and explain the legal interpretation of some elevator enterprises and property departments at the legal level to solidify the legal responsibility of the main body.

Through full-scale investigation and legal publicity, 9 residential properties in the residential area of Caojiadu have begun to actively connect with the maintenance department to organize repairs, and 39 of the 407 elevators in the area have entered the repair list.

So far, 22 units have started the update or repair process, and the remaining 17 units are also in continuous progress. At the same time, the special work class regularly informs the residents of the progress of the old elevator renovation project, which gives the residents of the jurisdiction a "reassurance".

Since the end of 2022, with the strong support of the Street Party Working Committee, Caojiadu Police Station has set up a "double work station" (joint logistics work station) in its jurisdiction.

The offices of "Shuanglian Workstation" are located in the residential areas of Gaorong, Yeqing and 889 shopping malls. Three full-time police officers and three auxiliary police officers are stationed by the police on regular duty, and the community police are stationed in turn. According to the nature and extent of the incident, the stationed judicial office commissioner and the full-time police jointly convene law firms, market supervision, urban management and other forces to carry out "three joint counterpart departments" to carry out joint mediation on key regional contradictions and disputes.

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