Thrilling scene! A five-year-old boy was blown off his back by a nail in an elevator......



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Thrilling scene! A five-year-old boy was blown off his back by a nail in an elevator......

On November 12, Xiao grape, a five-year-old boy in Hohhot, was suddenly knocked down by a nail in the elevator when he was taking an elevator in a shopping mall, which frightened his family.
This is a surveillance picture of Victoria Wanyue City, Saihan District, Hohhot. Wearing a yellow coat is a five-year-old boy, Little Grape. We can see that when the elevator is about to end, the little grape seems to be suddenly scraped down on the elevator and can't stand up. The adults next to him rushed to help and took the child out of the elevator in more than 20 seconds.
ms. wang child grandma:The child carried a small schoolbag and dragged it for several meters after hanging it up. His father and his mother were all dragging it there. His mother fell down first. The bag was broken and everything was broken. Some kind-hearted people probably saw it from above and ran down and pulled the belt down. Only then did the child come down and stand crying. Seeing this miserable image, I really couldn't bear it, these two days my heart is hard.
Ms. Wang told reporters that the time of the incident was more than 6: 00 p.m. on November 12. At that time, her grandson had just finished his physical fitness class in Victoria Wanyue City. She was preparing to take the elevator with her parents to go shopping in the supermarket downstairs when she was suddenly caught and hurt.
On the same day, they found several pieces of black green and several blood marks on the child's back, and the child's parents also had several bruises each. Afterwards, Ms. Wang and her family learned that it was a nail in the elevator that blew down the child.

Ms. Wang:In this way, the bag belt was hung up, and the nail was hung there. It was not dragged. It fluttered back and forth, and his father could not drag his mother down. How secure you said this was.

Ms. Wang told reporters that after the incident, she and her family were contacting the management of Victoria Wanyue City to negotiate a solution to the problem, but the two parties have not reached an agreement.
Ms. Wang:What I want first is that the leaders of the shopping mall should apologize to us, and then we should get financial compensation. I have two thoughts. I didn't take the child to the hospital, but the child was greatly hurt mentally.

Victoria Wan Yue City management prepared how to resolve this matter? The reporter found the relevant responsible person.

Mr. Li Weili Wan Yue City Quality Supervisor:That is the screw of a normal protective plate. It is easy to release after high-frequency vibration. We check the escalator every morning. This thing is commonly used, and there is vibration, and the screw vibrates.
Mr. Li said that the staff would check the escalator every morning and did not find any loose screws in the elevator at that time. In addition, Ms. Wang told reporters that when the child was knocked down by the elevator screw, only the child's parents and passers-by were at the scene to rescue the child, and no shopping mall staff were present.
Mr. Li Weili Wan Yue City Quality Supervisor:At that time, it was still 6: 10 on Sunday. At that time, our normal staff had already left work, and the rest were on duty, just in time for the meal. At other times, we had security guards on the patrol. (Reporter: Do you think this is a deficiency?) This deficiency was also borne by the insurance company. If we need to improve later, we will definitely be more perfect.
At the scene, Mr. Li apologized to the parents of small grapes on behalf of the mall.
Mr. Li said that the main reason why he failed to negotiate with his children's parents last time was that the amount of compensation could not be agreed.
Mr. Li:The total sum is 10975 yuan. First of all, we have insurance. People say that we can go through a simple process. The insurance company can directly give 2000 yuan. The elevator maintenance is also underwritten. People are also willing to pay some compensation. The total sum is 3000 yuan.

How should the responsibility be divided in this accident? How to solve the contradiction between parents and mall management about the amount of compensation? The reporter consulted a lawyer.

Source: Urban Full Contact, Pentium Media

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