Reply of the General Administration: Elevator wire ropes are replaced at the same time.



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General Administration's reply: Elevator wire ropes are replaced at the same time! (Attached is the letter of suggestion to replace the elevator wire rope)

Q: There is a broken strand in the elevator wire rope. Can you replace only this one or all four?

Are there technical standards?

Answer: The repair or maintenance unit of the elevator shall be responsible for the safety performance of the elevator for repair or maintenance. The relevant regulations do not mandate the number of wire ropes to be replaced each time; in general, the wire ropes used on elevator suspension devices are replaced at the same time when they need to be replaced.

Reply Department: Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau

Letter of proposal for replacing elevator wire rope

Dear customer:

The ____ elevator of the ____ project has been in use for ____ years since it was put into operation in. During the routine maintenance of these elevators, our company found that the wire rope has been seriously worn. According to 2.5.8b of "Practical Code for Inspection and Scrapping of Wire Rope for Lifting Machinery" (GB5972 -86), when the diameter of the wire rope is reduced by 7% or more relative to the nominal diameter, even if no broken wire is found, the wire rope should be scrapped. Now the measured diameter is: ____, the test results are shown in the attached table, has exceeded the scrap standard, sudden damage may occur at any time, and lead to the following safety risks and adverse situations:

  • This leads to accidents involving trapped people and extreme conditions of rescue difficulties.

  • Damage to traction sheave, guide sheave and reverse sheave.

  • Damage to the main engine rope stop device.

  • Limited to the particularity of wire rope procurement, will cause the elevator to stop using 10~15 days.

In order to prevent the occurrence of the above safety risks and adverse situations, and to avoid negative impact and unnecessary economic losses to you, in line with the principle of "safety first, prevention first", it is recommended that you immediately replace the above elevator wire rope.


Shang Qi!

xx elevator co ltd

Year Month Day

In order to understand this confusion, we invited the elevator experts, let the experts to answer our questions!

Expert: Generally, elevators have multiple hanging wire ropes. If one of the wire ropes is damaged, then this will warn us that there may be a problem with the adjacent wire ropes, because when the elevator is installed, the wire ropes are all in the same batch, installed at the same time, and used at the same time. The surface looks like it can't be seen. There is a wire rope that we replaced. On the surface, it is good, but the inside of the rope core is rusty, so when we replace the wire rope, we need to replace it at the same time.

Another reason is that if we only replace one wire rope, it will cause the wire rope to be uneven when the force is applied, because the tension of the new wire rope is different from that of the old wire rope, just like the rubber band in my hand. The extension of the new steel wire rope is better, and the extension of the old steel wire rope is very poor, so this time will cause uneven wear of the traction wheel, and the final result is the damage of the traction wheel.

In severe cases, the wire rope may slip abnormally with the traction wheel and cause a safety accident. This is like replacing the front or rear wheels of our car in pairs when changing the tires, so we replace the wire rope. At that time, all need to be replaced at the same time.

Through the in-depth and vivid and detailed explanation of experts, we understand the reason why all wire ropes should be replaced. While enjoying the convenience brought by elevators to life, we also advocate scientific and reasonable use and maintenance of elevators, especially when elevators fail, the elevators should be repaired according to the specifications to ensure the safety of taking elevators!

Source: The Elevator Circle

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