All 12 elevators in the community are out of service! Police intervention after... 3 electricity maintenance personnel detained



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All 12 elevators in the community are out of service! Police intervention after... 3 electricity maintenance personnel detained

If it weren't for being forced to hurry, I wouldn't have made such a bad decision. So, who guarantees the interests of elevator maintenance?

The elevator in a residential area in Hefei was shut down due to power failure, and hundreds of residents had to climb the stairs. The district police station uncovered the "behind-the-scenes",Some people claim debt because of a debt dispute with the developer.After working overnight, the police returned to normal after more than 10 hours of suspension,Three staff members were detained on suspicion of provoking trouble.

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Elevators suddenly shut down, hundreds of households climbing stairs
In the incident area, residents found that many elevators in the area were suddenly cut off, while the indoor power supply was not affected. The residential property was unaware of the sudden shutdown of the elevator, so residents had to call the police for help.
After receiving the police, the police from the police station rushed to the scene of the incident and found that,The power supply of 12 elevators in the community was cut off, affecting more than 500 households. After getting in touch with the power supply department, the police initially concluded that it was caused by man-made reasons.After floor-by-floor investigation, it was determined that no residents were trapped, and the police began to investigate the cause of the power failure.
3 detained for provoking trouble
After investigation, Lu Moumou and other 3Elevator Equipment Maintenance CompanyThe staff entered the police line of sight. It turned out that the company had a debt dispute with the developer of the incident community. In the case of unsuccessful begging, Lu Moumou and other three people cut off the electricity for the elevator in the community.
At first, the three people denied this in every possible way. After the police investigated and collected evidence, they had to admit their power failure, but still refused to restore the power supply. The police communicated with Lu and other three people overnight, "educate them to protect their rights reasonably and not affect the normal life of residents." However, the three still turned a deaf ear, claiming that they would never recover until they had no money.
With the lengthening of the elevator outage time, residents are becoming more and more impatient. The police united with the property to appease the affected residents, quickly summoned the above three persons involved in the case to the police station for investigation, and actively investigated and collected evidence, and fixed evidence materials.
The next morning, with the efforts of the police overnight, the company where the three people worked restored the elevator power supply.Lu and other three people have been detained by Feidong police according to law for picking quarrels and causing trouble..

Police tip:It is only natural to repay debts, and disputes can be negotiated. However, if you use extreme methods to collect debts and ask for debts, you may violate the law and will be punished by the law..

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