Is the bottom plate of 18 elevators in 20 residential buildings of Hefei community damaged? Response of relevant parties: maintenance has been started



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Is the bottom plate of 18 elevators in 20 residential buildings of Hefei community damaged? Response of relevant parties: maintenance has been started

Nowadays, there are more and more high-rise residential buildings, and elevators have become an indispensable living facility for high-rise residents. If there is a problem with the elevator, it will bring troubles to residents. In mid-December, residents living in Binhu Juyuan Community in Hefei City reported to Dawan News reporters that the community is full of high-rise residential buildings, and many elevator car floors have been damaged to varying degrees, and some are even exposed. The dark part is worried about safety hazards. In this regard, on December 20, the reporter went to the community to investigate. Relevant parties responded that according to statistics, 18 elevator car floors were damaged, but they were all decorative panels and repairs had been started.

Residents reported that the floor of elevator cars in the residential area has been damaged for more than 4 years.

"The delivery time of the whole community is not long, and the situation of elevators in the community is worrying." A resident living in Hefei Binhu Juyuan District said so. According to the resident, Binhu Juyuan Community will be put into use in 2019, only more than 4 years ago. There are a total of 20 residential buildings in the community, and the residential buildings are all high-rise buildings, ranging from 18 floors to 34 floors. Elevator safety issues should be paid attention.

The resident went on to say that there are basically two ladders and four households in the residential building. If there is an elevator in the residential building where he lives, the floor of the elevator car is damaged, and the damaged area is not small. Because I live in a high-rise building, I have to take the elevator up and down every day. The elevator is in normal operation. Is there any hidden danger in this situation?

Another resident to the big Anhui news reporter reported that the district in a number of elevator car floor damage, they want to know whether these floor is load-bearing, what is the cause of the damage, will not appear big accident? Hope to repair in time.

Reporter's Experience: Damaged Floor Uneven Elevators are in Normal Operation

On the morning of December 20, a reporter from Da Wan News came to Binhu Juyuan Community on Dali Road in Hefei City and entered the community from the east gate of the community. The reporter randomly found several residents to understand the situation. Some residents said that the elevator car floor was damaged in buildings 5, 9, 10 and other buildings.

The reporter came to Building 9 to check the situation of the elevators. The two elevators here are in normal operation. After one of the elevators opened the car door, the reporter saw that a layer of pads had been re-built inside. Some residents said that this was temporarily added to the property after the elevator car floor was damaged.

After the reporter came to the 10th building, where residents with children were waiting for the elevator. After an elevator on the west side was opened, the reporter saw that the bottom plate of the car inside had been damaged in a large area, and the dark part was exposed. Some residents at the scene said that they felt uneven here at ordinary times, but so far no one has come to repair it. The reporter's foot also obviously felt uneven when stepping on it, but the elevator was also in normal operation. Some residents said that there have been complaints about this issue.

Property statement: 18 elevators have been damaged in this situation, all of which are decorative boards.

"This is the situation in an elevator we shot before, and it has now been repaired." On the relevant situation, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of the project, he said while showing the photos taken in the mobile phone to the reporter. From the photos taken by the person in charge of the property, the reporter saw that inside the elevator marked Building 6, the area of the car floor was more than half damaged, and the middle part was exposed.

The person in charge explained to the reporter that this situation actually occurred last year. At that time, there were relatively few elevators involved. Now, according to the statistics, there are 18 elevators in the community with damaged car bottom plates. These bottom plates are all decorative plates. The elevators were available at the time of delivery, and relevant maintenance work has been carried out.

Regarding the residents' concerns, the person in charge said that these decorative panels are relatively thin, and there are load-bearing panels below. The elevators are currently in normal operation, and they have also reported the situation.

Street property management center: maintenance is expected to be completed within this month and application for unified replacement has been considered.

On the relevant situation, Da Wan News reporter contacted Juyuan Community, Yandun Street, under his jurisdiction. A grid leader of the community said that there were thousands of residents in Juyuan Community. After some residents reflected, some people went to the scene to check. After that, a deputy secretary of the community said that after understanding, the community property has organized personnel to carry out maintenance and replace wear-resistant floor leather, and the maintenance work is in progress.

Since then, the reporter contacted a person in charge of Yandun Street Property Management Center. He told the reporter that there were indeed many elevator car bottom plates damaged in Juyuan Community. Some elevator maintenance professionals waited until the scene to check. These damaged plates were decorative plates, which did not bear the load-bearing function and served to decorate and protect the load-bearing plates below. However, damage to these bottom plates without repair may also cause corrosion of the load-bearing plates.

The person in charge continued that some of the repairs had been made before, and the reason for this situation was related to various factors such as the frequency of elevator use. In addition to the 18 parts of the property statistics, there are signs of damage to the car floor, and applications for unified replacement of these decorative panels, such as stainless steel, are being considered. This situation has attracted the attention of relevant parties.

Source: Da Wan News, China Elevator Lecture Hall

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