Guizhou AVIC Hu Ming Elevator Representative: Use "Ladder" to Climb to Open New Bureau



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Guizhou AVIC Elevator Hu Ming Representative: Use "Ladder" to Climb to Open New Bureau

"I was deeply touched by the content of the government work report on promoting the construction of a new type of industrialization. I was encouraged by the proposal that the added value of industries above designated size should increase by 6.5 in 2024, especially the need to accelerate the development of advanced equipment manufacturing." Hu Ming, deputy to the Guizhou Provincial people's Congress and secretary of the party committee and chairman of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd., said when deliberating the government work report.

AVIC Elevator originated in the 1960 s. Hu Ming has been engaged in manufacturing for nearly 40 years and is an out-and-out "second generation of aviation". In his view, promoting a new type of industrialization is the unshirkable political responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

Hu Ming said that since last year, due to the impact of the overall economic environment, the elevator industry has declined very sharply, and AVIC elevators have also been greatly affected. However, with the help of relevant departments at all levels in Zunyi City, many practical difficulties have been solved. AVIC Elevator and Huichuan District have coordinated the development of the elevator industrial park, enterprises have achieved steady progress, and nearly 3000 elevators have been shipped. Since 2022, AVIC Elevator has become the largest local elevator company in Southwest China, and has entered the top 20 of more than 600 elevator manufacturers.

"Right now, the elevator replacement node highlights, after the service market business volume is huge, the old community transformation continues to advance ...... The elevator industry can be said to be one of the few sunrise industries, still has a broad market development space." Looking to the future, Hu Ming is full of confidence.

Combined with many years of experience in the equipment manufacturing industry, Hu Ming also put forward relevant suggestions on promoting high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing industry. "It is recommended to establish and improve the introduction and exit mechanism of high-end talents." Hu Ming further elaborated that with regard to the introduction of talents, more flexibility should be added to the introduction of sales talents and R & D talents according to the actual situation of enterprise development. Regarding the withdrawal of talents, if the introduction of talents fails to achieve the original purpose and cannot create benefits for the enterprise, the exit channel for talents should be unblocked.

In addition, in Hu Ming's view, enterprise growth has its cultivation period, maturity period, profit period and recession period of growth law, this period is relatively long, and frequent changes in leadership, is not conducive to the development of medium-and long-term development planning. To this end, Hu Ming suggested strengthening equity incentives for state-owned enterprises, promoting the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, allowing senior executives and technical backbones to hold shares, enhancing the sense of belonging and ownership of the enterprise, and truly providing advice for the long-term and healthy development of the enterprise. It is hoped that the development of local manufacturing enterprises will be reasonably supported within the scope of market rules.

Finally, Hu Ming said that in the next step of work, we will go all out to do a good job in the reform and development of the enterprise, and constantly improve our internal skills. With the strong support of the Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Government, we will build an elevator industrial park centered on AVIC Elevator. Make more contributions to the development of the elevator industry and equipment manufacturing industry in Guizhou.

Source: Rule of Law Daily-Rule of Law Weekend

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Source: Rule of Law Daily · Rule of Law Weekend


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