Trendy? Top? Teenagers don't touch this e-cigarette! I'm addicted to drugs!



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Smoking is harmful to health


Traditional tobacco turned into electronic cigarettes

And to "health" "trend" "cool" and other concepts as a gimmick

It quickly attracted the attention of many young people.


Some criminals are using

Adolescent curiosity and adventure

Making the so-called "top" electronic cigarette

By various means to lure, encourage young people to try to suck

This "top" electronic cigarette appearance

Very similar to ordinary electronic cigarettes

But its smoke oil is added

Highly addictiveIngredients of "Etomidate"

Will cause great harm to the physical and mental health of young people


Coincides with the beginning of school season

Remind your teenage friends.

Stay away from the "top" electronic cigarette.

Protect youth not "poison" line

Source: Guangdong Drug Control

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