Notice on the Safety Status of National Special Equipment in 2023



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Notice on the Safety Status of National Special Equipment in 2023



According to the "the People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law" and "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", the national special equipment safety status in 2023 is hereby announced as follows.

Basic information of 1. special equipment

(I) the registered quantity of special equipment.

By the end of 2023 (the same below), the total number of special equipment in the country will reach 21.2891 million. Among them, there are 319600 boilers, 5.3392 million pressure vessels, 10.6298 million elevators, 2.9217 million cranes, 1135 passenger ropeways, 25200 large amusement facilities (sets) and 2.0525 million special motor vehicles in the yard (factory). In addition, there are 0.288 billion gas cylinders and 991300 kilometers of pressure pipelines (registered). (See Figure 1)

Figure 1 Classification Proportion of Special Equipment Quantity in 2023


(II) special equipment production and filling units and operating personnel.

By the end of 2023, there were 76366 special equipment production (including design, manufacture, installation, renovation and repair) and filling units nationwide, with 77885 licenses, including 2275 design licenses, 16375 manufacturing licenses, 32062 installation, renovation and repair licenses, and 27173 mobile pressure vessel and gas cylinder filling licenses. (See Figure 2)

Special equipment operators hold 13.6009 million certificates.

Figure 2 Classification Scale of Special Equipment Production License in 2023


(III) special equipment safety supervision institutions and inspection and testing institutions.

By the end of 2023, market supervision departments at or above the county level had set up 3289 special equipment safety supervision agencies, including 1 at the national level, 33 at the provincial level, 477 at the municipal level, 2689 at the county level and 89 at the district and county level. National special equipment safety inspectors a total of 126994 people.

By the end of 2023, there were 5255 special equipment inspection and testing institutions nationwide, with 5438 certificates. Among them, there are 635 comprehensive inspection institutions for special equipment, 46 type test institutions, 897 non-destructive testing institutions, 2172 gas cylinder inspection institutions, 1226 safety valve calibration institutions, 370 hoisting machinery inspection institutions for housing construction sites and municipal engineering sites, and 92 elevator inspection institutions. Special equipment comprehensive inspection institutions include 248 inspection institutions in the market supervision system, 385 social inspection institutions and enterprise self-inspection institutions, and 2 technical inspection institutions.

Safety condition of 2. special equipment

(I) the overall situation of the accident.

In 2023, a total of 71 special equipment accidents and related accidents occurred nationwide, with 69 deaths. Compared with 2022, the number of accidents decreased by 37, a decrease of 34.26, and the number of deaths decreased by 32, a decrease of 31.68. No major accidents occurred throughout the year, and the safety situation of special equipment was generally stable. However, indirect accidents involving special equipment are frequent, with 19 indirect accidents involving special equipment in 2023 and 59 deaths.

(II) accident characteristics.

According to the equipment category, there were 3 boiler accidents with 6 deaths; 1 pressure vessel accident with 2 deaths; 2 gas cylinder accidents with 1 death; no pressure pipeline accident occurred; 14 elevator accidents with 13 deaths; 20 crane accidents with 19 deaths; 29 special motor vehicle accidents in the field (factory) with 28 deaths; 1 passenger ropeway accident, 1 accident of large amusement facilities, did not cause death. (See Figure 3 and Figure 4) Among them, accidents of special motor vehicles, lifting machinery and elevators in the field (factory) account for a relatively large proportion, accounting for 88.73 per cent of the total number of accidents and 86.96 per cent of the total number of deaths.

Figure 3 Number and proportion of special equipment accidents in 2023


Figure 4 Death toll and proportion of special equipment accidents in 2023


According to the occurrence link, 60 cases occurred in the use link, accounting for 84.51%; 9 cases of maintenance link, accounting for 12.68%; 1 case of installation and commissioning link, accounting for 1.41%; 1 case of transportation link, accounting for 1.41%. (See Figure 5)

Figure 5 Distribution proportion of special equipment accident links in 2023


According to the damage form, the main characteristics of accidents of pressure equipment (boilers, pressure vessels, gas cylinders, pressure pipes) are explosion, leakage and fire, etc.; the main characteristics of accidents of electromechanical equipment (lifting machinery, elevators, large amusement facilities, special motor vehicles in the field (factory), passenger ropeway) are falling, collision, extrusion, trapped (stranded), etc.

According to the time of occurrence, the number of special equipment accidents in the third quarter was the highest, and the number of special equipment accidents in the first quarter was the lowest. The main reason is that the third quarter is during the summer vacation, personnel safety awareness is slack, online monitoring, hidden danger investigation, safety management and other aspects have loopholes and blind spots, resulting in increased risk of accidents and relatively frequent accidents; the number of special equipment accidents in the first quarter The least, the main reason is that during the Spring Festival holiday in the first quarter, coupled with the impact of epidemic prevention and control, some equipment is out of service. (See Figure 6)

Figure 6 Number of Special Equipment Accidents from January to December 2023


(III) the main cause of the accident.

By the end of 2023, a total of 45 special equipment accidents had been closed. According to the analysis of the closed materials, the causes of the accidents were mainly divided into two categories: first, accidents occurred due to improper use and management, accounting for about 84.44 per cent. Illegal operation is still the main cause of accidents, which is manifested as illegal operation, improper operation or even unlicensed operation, lack of maintenance and poor management. Second, due to equipment defects, maintenance is not in place caused by the failure of safety components and protection device failure accidents accounted for about 15.56. (See Figure 7)

Figure 7 Distribution of the Causes of Called Accidents of Special Equipment in 2023


Safety Supervision of Special Equipment in 3. 2023

In 2023, the whole system will conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of the Party group of the General Administration, deeply grasp the general idea of "stressing politics, strengthening supervision, promoting development and ensuring safety", and make every effort to adhere to the safety bottom line of special equipment, so as to create a good safety environment for high-quality development.

(I) keep "a bottom line" and strengthen the safety supervision of special equipment.

One is to carry out in-depth special rectification. In accordance with the unified deployment of the Safety Committee of the State Council, organize and carry out special rectification actions for urban gas safety in the market supervision system, carry out small boilers, high-pressure gas cylinders, pressure pipelines, passenger aerial ropeways, and special equipment related to the transfer of the chemical industry to investigate and rectify potential safety hazards, and carry out elevator safety The "Hundred Days Tackling" action for the investigation and rectification of special equipment safety hazards in chemical enterprises. The whole system issued 161000 safety supervision instructions, ordered 221 companies to suspend production and business, sealed up and detained more than 20000 sets (sets) of equipment, filed more than 30000 cases, interviewed 2 enterprises, issued 8 suggestions and 16 reminders. Two is to complete the major activities of special equipment service guarantee. Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places have completed the special equipment service guarantee tasks for major conferences and events such as the National Two Sessions, Service Trade Fair, International Fair, Asian Games, and Universiade with high standards. Three is to properly respond to emergencies. Participate in the investigation of the "6.21" particularly serious gas explosion accident in Yinchuan, Ningxia, and do a good job in the "1.24" passenger ropeway accident in Pengzhou, Sichuan, the "10.18" elevator crash accident in Yunnan Maitreya, and the "10.27" roller coaster collision accident in Shenzhen Happy Valley Emergency handling and accident investigation work for emergencies such as the "12.09" boiler deflagration accident in Yili, Xinjiang.

(II) the introduction of "two provisions", compaction of the main responsibility of enterprises.

Issued two departmental rules for special equipment production units and users to implement the main responsibility supervision and management regulations, deployed and carried out the "Special Equipment Enterprise Main Responsibility Promotion Year" activities, strengthened publicity and training, formulated training materials and assessment guidelines for safety directors and safety officers, improved supporting documents related to the "daily control, weekly investigation and monthly dispatch" system, regularly issued 37 work briefing issues, and promoted the allocation of 4.311 million safety directors and safety officers.

(III) promote the "three supervision" and improve the effectiveness of special equipment supervision.

One is to promote the rule of law supervision. Cooperate with the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to complete the special equipment safety law enforcement inspection work. Promote the revision of the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment and complete the draft of the regulations for review. Promulgated the "Elevator Supervision and Inspection and Periodic Inspection Rules", "Elevator Self-Inspection Rules", "Lifting Machinery Safety Technical Regulations", "Large Amusement Facilities Safety Technical Regulations", and formulated and revised the "Special Equipment Production and Filling Unit Licensing Rules" and other safety technical specifications. Establish a coordination mechanism for special equipment standards, carry out international standardization in the field of special equipment, and promote the formulation and revision of national standards for special equipment. The second is to promote smart supervision. To speed up the construction of gas cylinder quality and safety traceability system, 46 liquefied petroleum gas cylinder manufacturing units across the country have all built manufacturing information traceability platform. 10982 liquefied petroleum gas cylinder filling units nationwide have established filling information platforms, accounting for 99.82 per cent of the total. The national pressure pipeline inspection information management system has been established, and the inspection coverage rate of long-distance pipelines and gas pressure pipelines has been increased to 99.13 and 90.11 respectively. The third is to strengthen credit supervision. Strengthen the credit supervision of special equipment production units and inspection and testing institutions, complete the information labeling of 65000 special equipment production units and inspection and testing institutions, and label 56000 relevant credit supervision information. Establish a classified supervision mechanism for special equipment, implement differentiated supervision and post-certification spot checks according to the credit risk status of enterprises, and implement self-declared commitments to exempt enterprises with good credit records from review and replacement.

(IV) promote the quality improvement of the special equipment industry and strengthen the cultural construction in the field of special equipment.

One is to promote the development of green low carbon boiler. Focusing on the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", the joint development and Reform Commission and other five ministries and commissions issued the "boiler green low-carbon high-quality development action plan". Accelerate the implementation of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) project, focus on personnel training and the construction of energy-saving demonstration projects, carry out more than 90 boiler and heat exchanger testing and evaluation activities, and select 9 energy-saving technology products to establish demonstration sites to effectively promote my country Boiler green and low-carbon work. The second is to promote quality improvement. Implement the "Outline for Building a Quality Power" and guide Henan Changyuan, Shandong Yangliu and other lifting machinery industry clusters to continue to carry out quality improvement activities. The third is to strengthen the cultural construction and post training in the field of special equipment. During the "Safety Production Month" in 2023, the launching ceremony of the "Special Equipment Safety Publicity Week" was held, and CCTV News Network conducted special reports; held a new era of China's special equipment development art exhibition, People's Daily and other 10 central media reported; and The Ministry of Justice jointly organized the "National Special Equipment Safety Law Popularization Knowledge Contest"; and the National People's Congress Finance and Economics Committee jointly organized a symposium on the 10th anniversary of the promulgation of special equipment laws, and achieved good social response. Support the third "forklift safety day" and forklift professional skills competition, effectively promote the improvement of forklift safety level.

It is hereby notified.




General Administration of Market Supervision

March 23, 2024

Article Source: State Administration for Market Regulation

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