Practice "CD Action" and live up to the good "food" light!



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Refuse to waste






Practice CD Action, not to live up to the good "food" light






We always say

A porridge and a meal, when thinking hard-won

Half silk and half wisps, constant thoughts are hard


But we really know

How is the food at the table hard-won?


The fastest time for a grain of rice is 3072 hours.

After dozens of processes

to come to our table


On the other hand, the gathering of sand into a tower

If everyone only wasted a small grain of rice every meal


What happens after a year?



Maybe someone thinks

China's food supply is relatively sufficient

Waste issues don't affect our lives

Besides, "these foods are also bought at your own expense.

How you want to arrange it should be your own business"

But you know what?

Once the meal is wasted

At the same time, everyone is wasted in all aspects.

A lot of time and sweat invested



Some people may be so "waste on the tip of the tongue"

Don't take it for granted

However, for our 1.4 billion population

Small waste accumulates.

The numbers are amazing

The Chinese Academy of Sciences once a survey data shows:

China Catering Food Wasting

Approximately 17 million to 18 million tons per year

Equivalent to 30 million to 50 million people

One year's rations




save food

It is never an "old" question.

but each of us

All should develop habits!

Develop a healthy and civilized way of eating

Reject "waste on the tip of the tongue"

Do you remember these little details?




From today

Let's all be a CD-Man "!



Source: TotalYouth League Central Committee, CCTV News, Yanzhao Evening News

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