AVIC Elevator Company Held Annual Democratic Evaluation Meeting for Leadership Members



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According to the notice of the financial holding group on doing a good job in the annual assessment of the municipal management leading group and municipal management cadres in 2019 (zun financial holding party issued [2020] No. 16), on March 12, AVIC elevator company held an annual democratic assessment meeting for the members of the leading group. Members of the company's leadership team, cadres above the middle level and representatives of some employees attend the evaluation meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Weihua, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the company.

Zhang Weihua explained in detail the requirements of this democratic evaluation, and hoped that everyone would do a good job in the 2019 annual evaluation with a serious and responsible attitude. He said that the annual assessment is an important measure to improve the governance ability and leadership level of the leadership team. The comrades participating in the meeting should be responsible for the organization, comrades, and themselves, combined with the comprehensive performance of the leading cadres, and make an objective, fair and comprehensive evaluation of the members of the company's leadership team.

At the end of the meeting, the participants conducted an anonymous democratic evaluation of the members of the company's leadership team on the spot, and the company's discipline inspection and audit department, the party-mass work department and an employee representative conducted on-site voting and monitoring.


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