AVIC Elevator Invited to Attend the First Farmers' Harvest Festival and Rural Cultural Tourism Festival in Tuanxi Town



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On September 26, AVIC Elevator was invited to participate in the first Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival and Rural Cultural Tourism Festival in Tuanxi Town hosted by the Tuanxi Town Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People's Government of Tuanxi Town.

The event was held in Baiguo Village, Tuanxi Town. Although the weather was not beautiful and the rainy weather continued until the end of the event, it did not affect the warm and festive atmosphere of the scene. The content of the activities is rich and colorful, including folk performances such as jumping lanterns and playing money poles, as well as interesting competitions such as peeling corn, twisting poles and harvesting rice, which are suitable for farmers' lives. Zhang Weihua, secretary of the Party Committee of AVIC Elevator, also participated in the activities as a special guest representative.

The reason why AVIC Elevator was invited to participate in this event is that since 2015, AVIC Elevator has responded to the call of the Guizhou Provincial National Defense Working Committee and designated to help Dawo Village, a poor village in Tuanxi Town, and successively provided Dawo Village with funds and various materials totaling more than 100000 yuan. In order to make poor villagers in Dawo Village and other villages in Tuanxi Town completely take off their poor hats, AVIC Elevator has also contacted Guizhou Institute of Water Conservancy and Electric Power to provide a good platform for skills learning and training for the poor villages affiliated to Tuanxi Town Government to solve the problems of poor families who are about to graduate in the third year of junior high school, have graduated, and have Senior high school graduated. At the same time, the company also uses its own resources to provide jobs for children who have graduated and are about to graduate from poor villages affiliated to the party committee and government of Dawo Village and Tuanxi Town, providing long-term and powerful help for Dawo Village's poverty alleviation work. Being invited to participate in this event reflects on the one hand that AVIC Elevator has established a deep friendship with the Tuanxi Town Committee and Town Government in the poverty alleviation work in the past three years. On the other hand, it is also the Tuanxi Town Committee. The town government recognizes the efforts and help provided by AVIC Elevator in the fight against poverty in Tuanxi Town.


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