AVIC Elevator Held Staff Cooking Style Competition



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On September 12, AVIC Elevator held a culinary style competition for employees. 16 employees from various departments of the company participated in the competition.

Near noon, the participating dishes were placed on the table one by one, and in an instant, the fragrant aroma came!

The judges of this culinary competition are composed of members of the company's leadership team and employee representatives. After tasting, everyone selected 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 4 third prizes. The exquisite dishes on the dial, the fragrant and attractive taste, and the praise and laughter when everyone tasted the dishes, merged into a unique "symphony on the tip of the tongue".

First Prize:red and red -- li lin

Second prize:Rhyme -- Li Lin

Second prize:Mashed Garlic White Meat-Wang Shoulun

Second prize:Mid-Autumn Reunion-Xiao Li

Third Prize:Happy Family-Guo Yan

Second prize:Magnificent Seventy Years-Jiang Xiaolan

Second prize:National Treasure-Xiao Ting


Second prize:White Jade Jade-Yu Li-Fen

Through this activity, not only let the employees of the company show their cooking skills in a harmonious atmosphere, but also let everyone enjoy a relaxed and happy after intense work, showing that the employees of the company can get out of the workplace and enter the kitchen. The style of life also reflects the company's positive and united family culture spirit.


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