AVIC Elevator Held "Quality Month" Mobilization Meeting



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In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Carrying out Quality Improvement Actions" (Zhongfa [2017] No. 24) and the State Administration of Market Supervision [2019] No. 162 "The spirit of the document" Notice of Month "Activities", create a good atmosphere of "everyone creates quality and everyone enjoys quality, on September 9, 2019, AVIC Elevator Company organized cadres above the team leader to hold a mobilization meeting for the" Quality Month "activity.
At the meeting, Fan Chuanchi, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of AVIC Elevator, arranged and deployed the "quality month" activity, requiring every employee of the company to firmly establish quality awareness at any time. A mutual inspection mechanism should be established between upstream and downstream processes, and the downstream has the right to reject or request rectification of unqualified products and work upstream. The heads of departments, teams and groups should earnestly take responsibility for quality, grasp the quality work firmly and grasp the safety work at the same time. He pointed out that quality and safety are related to the life and death of an enterprise. Only by firmly grasping the quality and safety work and firmly controlling these two trump cards can we have the initiative, voice, control and choice in the market.
Air China Elevator Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Ming made a concluding speech to the conference. He mentioned that the quality and safety work that we are focusing on today is the market and reputation of AVIC Elevator tomorrow, and all employees should always have a sense of awe of quality and safety. Hu Ming said that as long as all employees work together, work hard, and keep quality and safety in their hearts and shoulders at all times, the safety production situation of AVIC Elevator will definitely improve steadily, and the product quality will definitely reach a new level. Development will also be reliably guaranteed and strongly supported.


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