Elevator "epidemic prevention war"! Is the elevator you took working?



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Elevator "epidemic prevention war"! Is the elevator you took working?

Does the elevator you ride have an exhaust fan?Is it on?Does it work?Is the elevator disinfected as required?Do people take the elevator as required?With these questions,March 17, 18The reporter conducted an in-depth investigation.

1. community visit


● Yuecheng Xinyuan: No exhaust air was opened, but it was opened after the reporter interviewed.


At about 9: 00 a.m. on March 18, the reporter came to Yuecheng Xinyuan Community, Dongfeng New Village.


Disinfection records are posted on the wall on one side of the elevator. From March 1 to March 12, disinfection was carried out twice a day, at 7: 20 and 14: 30 respectively. Starting from March 13, disinfection is carried out once a day at 7: 20, and there is no exhaust air in the elevator.


Wang, deputy manager of the property department of Yuecheng Xinyuan Community, said that the exhaust air in the community was not turned on because the temperature was too low in winter. If the exhaust air was turned on, the temperature in the elevator car would become lower and some owners with poor health would catch a cold.


At 10 o'clock in the morning, Deputy Manager Wang told reporters that he had contacted the elevator company and the property agreed to open the exhaust. After opening, the property will run for a period of time. If the owner has any objection, it will be adjusted in time.


● Huaxi Longcheng: There is a record of killing, but no sound of exhaust is heard.


On the afternoon of March 17, the reporter came to Huaxi Longcheng Phase I in Longfeng District and visited the elevators in buildings 1, 4 and 15. Into the elevator, can smell the smell of disinfectant, but did not hear the sound of exhaust.


The disposable key paper pasted in the elevator is gone, and the killing record is posted on the top floor. The killing location is the corridor and the car, and the signing time of the killing personnel is recorded. The reporter interviewed several residents at random. They all said that they didn't pay much attention to whether there was exhaust air in the elevator, and they didn't know whether it was open or not.


● Huaman Creek Valley: All elevator exhaust air is on







Huaman Creek Valley exhaust is on, and you can feel the wind inside.


In the early morning of March 18, the reporter came to the Huamanxi Valley Community in the High-tech Zone. The community is still in a "closed" state. The entire community is all in and out of the east gate, and a special person is assigned to register, scan the code and measure the temperature. The door of the residential unit must be swiped to enter, so the reporter had to ring the doorbell one by one.In Unit 4, Building 34, Huaman Creek Valley, you can hear the "whoops" of the air outlet above when you enter the elevator. Entering Unit 3, disinfection records were posted in the corridor, showing that on the morning of the 18th, door handles, elevator cars and other parts had been disinfected. The elevators in buildings 31, 32 and 33 have normal exhaust air and disinfection records.Staff of the property company in huamanxi valley residential area said that as long as the elevator is running, the exhaust air will be turned on. a pregnant owner was afraid of the wind and asked to turn off the exhaust air, but the property refused.


● Xiangyi Mingyuan: Most owners don't care about elevator exhaust









A cleaner disinfects elevator keys in Xiangyi MingyuanAt 9 o'clock on March 18, the reporter came to Unit 1, Building 7, Phase III, Xiangyi Mingyuan, Dongfeng New Village. Entering the unit door, you will see the cleaning and disinfection records pasted on the wall and toothpicks placed near the button. A number of owners interviewed said that they did not see the exhaust equipment and did not know where the exhaust system in the elevator was.Zhang Haijiao, the property manager of Xiangyi Mingyuan Phase III Project Department of Zhongcheng Property Management Co., Ltd., told reporters that in order not to delay the owner's use of the elevator, the disinfection work in the elevator in the residential area will be completed early. The elevator will be overhauled every half month. The exhaust air in the elevator is on the upper side of the car body and blocked by the partition board. Each elevator has exhaust air equipment and is always in working condition. The exhaust equipment has no buttons that residents can control. As long as the elevator is working normally, the exhaust equipment will work.


● Jupeng International: Whether there is exhaust, property personnel are not sure







Jupeng international elevator key covered with plastic film


On the morning of March 18, the reporter came to Unit 2 of Jupeng International, where a layer of plastic film was pasted on the elevator keys. On one side of the elevator, there is a disinfection record sheet, which is disinfected twice a day. It is about 7 o'clock in the morning and about 13 o'clock in the afternoon. The disinfectant used is 84 disinfectant.Property staff told reporters that more than half a month ago, special paper was placed in the elevator for residents to press buttons when going up and down the stairs. Later, it was found that some residents ran out of paper and threw it directly on the ground, while others took it away. In order to avoid this kind of situation, the property no longer put special paper into the elevator, but pasted plastic film, replacing the film once a day for disinfection twice, which is equivalent to replacing the film three times a day. In the elevator, the reporter did not feel the exhaust air. The staff said that the elevator had an exhaust fan, which was exhausting air every day. Later, she changed to say that she was not sure if there was any.


● Olin International: Only blower fan is installed, not exhaust fan




























Olin International Cleaner in Disinfection


At 8: 40 on March 18, the reporter visited and investigated the van elevators in buildings A7, A8 and A9 of Aolin International Apartment in ranghulu district. In buildings A7 and A8, the elevator was equipped with disposable paper towels, and the sound of exhaust was not heard. The property personnel who are disinfecting building A9 said that it is not clear whether the exhaust fan has been turned on, and the leaders have to be asked for details.The fan was not turned on during the epidemic, mainly for fear that there was a virus in the elevator car. The fan easily blew up the virus that fell to the ground and stirred it in the air, causing the virus to spread. In addition, the elevator engineering company will conduct regular inspections of elevators according to the requirements of the property.


● Datang Aristocratic Family: No paper pumping, no exhaust







Datang Aristocratic Family did not smoke paper and did not feel the exhaust system open.

On the afternoon of March 17, the reporter visited a total of 6 units in D19 and D20 buildings of Datang Aristocratic Family.The reporter saw that the killing records were posted on the wall beside the elevator. The killing parts included the elevator car and the unit corridor. The killing medicine was 84 disinfectant. In the column of operator, the name of the person was not filled in, but the number was set. The elevator exhaust of the six units was not turned on.In addition, in these elevators, there are no paper pumps or toothpicks for keys. Only in the elevator cars of individual units, warm tips are pasted to remind residents to use paper towel keys.


2. visit to the mall


● Huajun Shopping Mall: The air conditioner turns on "fresh air" to ensure air circulation


Huajun Shopping Mall Adopts "Fresh Wind" System


On the afternoon of March 17, the reporter came to Huajun Shopping Mall in ranghulu district and saw that all customers in and out scanned the code and measured the temperature as required. At present, the shopping mall has only one floor. The elevator is usually taken by employees. The words "disinfected" are posted in the elevator. You can obviously feel the feeling of being blown by cool wind, smell the disinfectant water, and have good hygiene in the car.Zheng Chuanzhi, manager of the property management department, told reporters that after business every day, the staff will carry out comprehensive disinfection, turn off the power supply of the elevator after closing the store, and wipe the whole car with alcohol. The original air conditioner in the elevator is turned off and the "fresh air" system is adopted. Because the air duct is straight to the roof, the wind blowing into the elevator will be slightly cool, but the air circulation in the car can be ensured to the maximum extent.


● Century Tang Dynasty: Exhaust all on, daily killing







Disinfection records are posted in the elevator of the century Tang Dynasty.At about 16:00 on March 17, the reporter came to the Century Tang Dynasty Center. The vehicle drove into the underground garage. The elevator that could have been directly upstairs was shut down and could only enter the mall from the supermarket on the negative floor.The security guard who is measuring the temperature on the first floor told reporters that the mall has unified entrances and exits to facilitate inspection and temperature measurement, and to maximize the protection of consumers. The reporter saw that only one of the three movie-watching elevators was running, and disinfection records were posted in the car, but there were large traces left by spraying disinfectant on the panel, and the sound of exhaust air could be heard. In the sightseeing elevator near the stage, there are disinfection records.According to Guo Hongwei, the elevator safety administrator, at present, the shopping mall has eight operating car elevators, all of which are waterproof in keys, have special personnel to kill the whole area, disinfect the air outlet twice a day, and turn on the exhaust system in the elevator.


Specification:Disinfection should be powered off, and direct injection of buttons is easy to short circuit.As an elevator user or manager, the epidemic prevention work of elevator facilities should be strengthened, and the disinfection measures stipulated by the national health department should be adopted to regularly disinfect the elevator car, car door, landing door and other parts, especially the place where the human body often comes into contact at ordinary times-the control panel in the car and the button on the outer call ladder box.Disinfection method: the air can be sprayed with disinfectants such as 84 disinfectant, Laisu water, etc., and the elevator manager can carry out disinfection operation. During operation, the elevator equipment should be powered off, and the elevator equipment should be powered on after confirming the disinfection effect. Ensure the elevator car emergency lighting, communication device smooth and effective, and ensure the normal ventilation facilities. When disinfecting, the control panel should be protected. It is not possible to spray disinfectant directly on the buttons of the elevator, which is easy to cause short circuit of the elevator. The plastic wrap can be pasted on the buttons, and the plastic wrap can be replaced several times a day, or the surface of the plastic wrap can be disinfected.


Reminder:It's safer to take the elevator.After the reporter's investigation, it was found that not only many citizens did not care much about the exhaust of van elevators, but many elevator managers also confused the exhaust fan and the blower fan, and even ignored the problem of exhaust.During the epidemic, elevator exhaust is very important, but also hope to arouse the public and managers of a high degree of vigilance, the exhaust air vent is not smooth elevator, pay close attention to inspection and rectification.


● Property management should be strengthened


Elevator repair units and maintenance personnel, under the premise of ensuring their own safety, through scientific and reasonable maintenance methods to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.Do a good job of self-protection, including wearing masks, protective glasses and gloves. After the end of the work, timely cleaning, disinfection.Strengthen the elevator maintenance work to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.Non-maintenance time, should strengthen contact with the elevator use management personnel, remind and confirm the elevator emergency rescue facilities and ventilation equipment, whether in an effective state.After receiving the rescue notice of the trapped person in the elevator, they should rush to the scene in time and take feasible rescue measures to ensure the safety of passengers.


● What if the exhaust air is not installed?


Heilongjiang Elevator Safety Technology Association stipulates that elevators with ventilation fans installed in the car should keep the ventilation fans open for a long time.Elevators without ventilation fans in the car can be combined with disinfection work to regularly open the car door for ventilation, and each ventilation time is not less than 10 minutes.


● Half the number of people and take the ladder at the wrong peak.


Elevator passengers should take the elevator in a civilized manner. In the process of taking the elevator, wait for the elevator not to approach the elevator hall door, keep as far as possible from the elevator hall door, stand on both sides of the elevator hall door, and do not directly contact the passengers coming out of the elevator car face to face.Stand in the car as far as possible not to communicate with others face to face, face to face standing, and minimize the stay time. After the hand comes into contact with the elevator facilities, you should wash your hands in time when you go home.When the elevator stops, don't be impatient and wait patiently for the rescue of professional maintenance personnel. Residents should wear masks when entering the elevator to reduce behaviors such as rubbing their eyes and picking their noses.When taking the elevator, remember not to get together. Many high-rise residential buildings, although a unit has two to three elevators, usually, taking the elevator is more nervous. Everyone is worried that after the orderly release of the community, there will be too many people in and out, and there are hidden dangers.In this regard, the property department suggested that in the morning and evening peak hours, you can take the elevator at the wrong peak, and the personnel can take the elevator by half. If the floor is low, you can climb the stairs, which not only increases the amount of exercise, but also is healthy and environmentally friendly.

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