Long Shengming: The heart is in an art, and its art must work.



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The heart is in an art, and its art must work. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and create a social fashion of glorious labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence. In AVIC Elevator, there is such a person who integrates skills into work, interprets craftsman spirit with six key words: perfection, inheritance, responsibility, concentration, persistence and innovation, achieves classics with ingenuity, and promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise. He is the elevator installer of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd.-Long Shengming.

"I came to the company in 2001, and this year is exactly 19 years. I have been playing with elevators for 1/2 of my current life. I know more about it than my children."

In the installation team composed of more than 100 employees of AVIC Elevator, Long Shengming is just one of the ordinary members, but he is one of the well-deserved technical cores. In his hands, there are almost no "intractable diseases" that cannot be solved ".

Within his responsibilities, he constantly learns to improve his own skills to escort the safe operation of the elevator; after work, he studies hard and constantly thinks to promote the development and application of new elevator technologies. "Don't choose a position, just talk about dedication", this is Long Shengming's solemn commitment to this job in 19 years.


Devote yourself to excellence

When he entered AVIC Elevator in 2001, Long Shengming followed his master to learn elevator installation and maintenance. In order to get familiar with it more quickly, he insisted on taking notes every day, recording in detail the difficult points of elevator installation, trapezoidal difference and fault maintenance, and complying with the specification requirements. Soon he installed the first elevator independently under the guidance of his master.

In 2016, the number of elevators installed in the production of AVIC elevators broke through a record high. In order to ensure the quality of ex-factory elevator products, the company has transferred front-line backbone staff to temporarily form a debugging and inspection team. As one of them, he has not only completed the inspection of nearly 300 elevators, but also compiled guidance documents such as "guidance for elevator guide rail installation.

In 2017, he was transferred to the quality and safety department, mainly responsible for the handling of missing parts in elevators, and providing technical support for difficult problems in elevator installation and maintenance sites. Since many provincial elevator installation teams have not installed AVIC elevators before, the installation process needs to be connected with Long Shengming at any time. In response, Long Shengming insisted on "24-hour online", and even after work, he kept a timely and patient reply and "worked overtime" with provincial teams ".


Innovation and Change

As a special equipment, the safety of the elevator is directly related to the life safety of the elevator. After being familiar with the basic business of elevator installation and maintenance, Long Shengming began to focus more on studying technology and solving the difficult and complicated problems of elevators. 19 years of time, social development, technological innovation, the times are changing, he also constantly innovate and change.

In 2014, the "elevator anti-rolling device" developed by Long Shengming successfully avoided casualties caused by elevator rolling. The device not only meets the requirements of the latest national standards, but also helps the company to improve product competitiveness, social and economic benefits. In 2015, the project was accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office for invention patents.

In 2014, the company's Guiyang plant test tower needs to install a sightseeing elevator without a machine room. This project can provide a trial platform for potential elevator users and help the company promote the elevator business. However, the project has high technical requirements and is difficult. It requires workers to construct in strict accordance with national standards, which not only meets the test requirements, but also ensures that the elevator still has ultra-high standard ride comfort after destructive tests. The project company attaches great importance to this and once again sends Long Shengming to take on the important task. As always, he gave full play to his strengths in the project, boldly practiced, constantly explored and successfully completed the task.

Thanks to his spirit of seeking innovation and change and studying hard, over the past 19 years, he has solved many problems that others cannot solve and won the reputation of "elevator doctor.


Inherit ingenuity and build dreams for the future

In the "2019 Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS skills Development and technological Innovation Competition first Elevator Engineering and Technology Competition", long Shengming won the crown with solid technical skills, superb skills and outstanding performance.

"Technology, only the inheritance will have a better development." Long Shengming always said that a generation has the mission of a generation, and the younger generation should use their own actions to interpret the spirit of craftsmanship. This is not a person's career, but a group of people to continue.

Every year, the company will assign many new recruits to his group. Long Shengming teaches these young people by words and deeds without reservation, guiding young employees to love their posts and work hard. His spirit and skills are passed on among these young employees. These technicians and elevator installers trained by him have eventually grown into independent technical talents. They absorb the knowledge created by their predecessors and track the most cutting-edge achievements. Their inheritance will also open up a broader world for the future.

No matter the work is big or small, the responsibility is equally important. Responsibility is a person's mission, externalized in the line is to do one thing. The pursuit of the ultimate is an attitude, a realm, the motto of Long Shengming's work, and the background of his craftsman spirit.


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