AVIC Elevator Company Hangao Elevator Party Branch Organized Party Member Conference and Party Class Study



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In order to further implement the "three meetings and one lesson" system, strengthen the building of the party organization, enrich the ability of party building work, improve the level of party building work, and give better play to the role of the party branch as a fighting fortress, on March 30, the hangao elevator party branch of AVIC elevator company organized a party member meeting and party class study.

Party branch secretary Fang Ling first reported on the main work in 2019, and pointed out that in 2020, the branch will continue to promote the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keeping in mind the mission", strengthen the depth and breadth of learning, systematic learning and key learning. Continuously innovate the organizational development model, strengthen the responsibility, capacity building, clean government construction and other aspects of learning; Continuously improve the company's party building, trade union, youth league related work.

Afterwards, Comrade Fang Ling led everyone to study the "Regulations on the Work of Grassroots Organizations in State-owned Enterprises of the Communist Party of China (for Trial Implementation)" and a party class with the theme "Salute to Heroes". Taking the opportunity of "Lei Feng Spirit", he promoted the spirit of Lei Feng and deeply analyzed "Learn from Lei Feng's advanced figures in fighting the epidemic. Through the "gradually frozen" body "to defend Wuhan" Zhang Dingyu, to fight in the epidemic under the "Lei Feng" learning and other content, the interpretation of the "Lei Feng spirit of the times".

Finally, Comrade Fang Ling pointed out that the majority of party members should earnestly strengthen theoretical study, take advanced figures as benchmarks, deeply understand the connotation of "Lei Feng spirit", base themselves on their own work, actively carry out entrepreneurship, and contribute their self-worth in promoting the development of the company.


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