Make concerted efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, AVIC elevator party members in action!



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Mobilizing the majority of party members to actively participate in the community, village committee new crown pneumonia prevention and control war, is an important measure of the AVIC Elevator Company Party Committee to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Central Committee on the prevention and control of the epidemic series, but also to test and show the party spirit of party members, responsibility, dedication of the critical moment.

The company actively called on all party members and cadres to show their identity, charge in the front line, do a good job during the epidemic prevention and control of publicity and guidance, investigation, temperature testing, prevention and control knowledge publicity, key crowd control and other work, build a tight line of defense against the epidemic, become the backbone of the fight against the epidemic, become the backbone of the residents.

The epidemic is ruthless and the lover is affectionate,

We believe that after the storm is a rainbow!

As long as we work together,

We will be able to win this war, "epidemic"


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