Hefei High-tech Zone this district has two additional elevators started at the same time!



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Hefei High-tech Zone this district has two additional elevators started at the same time!

On June 7, the installation of elevators in two existing residential buildings in Lianghuai Haitang District of Hefei High-tech Zone started smoothly, marking that two more old residential buildings in the high-tech zone will have new elevators this year. Since Hefei issued the "Implementation Opinions on the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings in Hefei" in 2019, the high-tech zone has organized the communities under its jurisdiction to carry out policy learning and propaganda, and has successfully supported the owners to complete the installation of an elevator that year.

























At the beginning of this year, under the guidance of the District Construction and Development Bureau and the territorial community, the owners of the Lianghuai Haitang Community quickly completed the preliminary work such as consultation of community owners, fund raising, safety appraisal, and plan determination. On May 27, the Construction and Development Bureau organized 12 units, including the Finance Bureau, the Market Bureau, the self-regulation Branch, the Urban Management Bureau, the water supply and power supply, to hold a joint review meeting on the installation of elevators in Unit 2#1 and Unit 3#1 of Lianghuai Haitang Community in the High-tech Zone. The meeting basically agreed to support the owners of the residential area to install elevators, and required the owners and design units to do a good job in safety assessment, construction safety and quality control and later maintenance of special equipment. It took less than a week from the time the owner submitted the application to the end of the joint review, which won the unanimous praise of the residents.The installation of elevators in existing residential buildings is a project of great concern to the masses, but it is also a complex system project involving many factors. It is understood that the high-tech zone will still have two or three existing residential elevators installed this year. The high-tech zone will continue to do a good job in service work, and mobilize the enthusiasm and participation of residents to install elevators in accordance with the principles of government guidance and voluntary owners' participation., To help the residents of the old community live in the "elevator new house", and at the same time, make every effort to create a harmonious and convenient living environment in the community, and effectively enhance the happiness, fast and efficient for the residents of the jurisdiction "suitable for aging" transformation needs to provide help.

If you want to apply for installation, you still need to know these. According to the "Implementation Opinions on the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings in Hefei":

Conditions for installing elevators in existing residential buildings

1. Have a legal certificate of ownership of the house;

Not included in the scope and plan of shanty towns (dilapidated houses) and urban villages within 2.5 years;

3. Has been built and put into use more than 4 floors (including 4 floors) without elevator residential;

4. Meet the requirements of building structure safety, public security fire safety and other relevant specifications.

The installation of elevators can be applied for in residential quarters, buildings or units.

If the application is made in a residential area, the applicant shall be the owners' committee of the residential area; if the application is made in a building or unit, the applicant shall be the owner of the building or unit, and if the application is made in a unit to install elevators, it shall not affect the structural safety and safe evacuation of other units of the building.

How to determine the source of funds for the installation of elevators? What are the preferential policies?

The funds required for the installation of elevators and the funds for operation, use and maintenance management shall be borne by the owner, and the specific costs shall be negotiated by the owner according to the floor and other factors, and shall be shared in proportion and jointly funded. According to the relevant requirements of the notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the General Office of the Ministry of Finance on further giving full play to the supporting role of residential special maintenance funds in the renovation of old residential areas and elevators (Jianbanfang [2015] No. 52), owners can apply for the use of their own and their spouse's housing provident fund, or apply for the use of residential special maintenance funds in accordance with relevant regulations.

In order to alleviate the difficulty of fund-raising, the urban (including development zone) finance takes the form of ex post subsidy for the installation of elevators in non-single property houses with four floors or more within the urban area, giving 200000 yuan/Taiwan subsidy, with the municipal and district finance each bearing 50% of the subsidy fund.

What kind of procedures are required to apply for installing elevators? What are the specific requirements?

The installation of elevators shall consult all owners of the unit or the building, and shall be approved by not less than 2/3 owners. If there is any objection, it shall not be installed.

The design plan shall be prepared by the applicant or the entrusted agent before the installation of the elevator. The applicant or the entrusted agent shall, in accordance with the relevant norms and standards of architectural design, structural safety, fire safety and special equipment, prepare the design and construction plan, the capital estimate and the cost-raising plan, and the allocation plan for the later operation and maintenance of the elevator.

Scheme publicity and construction drawing review. After full consultation and publicity without objection, the social housing committee shall put it on record, and the applicant or the entrusted design unit with corresponding qualifications shall carry out the design according to the reconstruction project. The drawings involving the transformation or connection of the original building structure shall be submitted to the original building design unit (or other design units not lower than the qualification conditions of the original design unit) for review, approval and seal. After being examined by qualified drawing examination institutions and fire control institutions, the construction drawings shall be submitted to the housing and construction department of the jurisdiction for the record.

Joint review. Filing review to implement responsibility sinking. After the drawing review is passed, the applicant applies to the housing and construction department of the jurisdiction for joint review of the installation of elevators, and the housing and construction department of the jurisdiction takes the lead in organizing the relevant departments to conduct joint review and issue joint review opinions.

Engineering construction. Before the installation of elevators, if the cost of the civil engineering part (I. e. excluding the procurement and installation of special equipment) reaches the limit specified in the construction permit management regulations of the construction project, the construction permit shall be handled in accordance with the law and included in the supervision. The elevator installation and construction party shall inform the market supervision (special equipment) department of the jurisdiction in writing of the proposed construction time, place, content and joint review opinions, and go to the special equipment inspection and testing agency with legal qualifications to go through the supervision and inspection procedures. The elevator installation process must be supervised and inspected by a special equipment inspection agency with legal qualifications in accordance with the requirements of safety technical specifications. Those without supervision and inspection or unqualified supervision and inspection shall not be delivered for use.

Completion acceptance. After the completion of the project, the applicant shall organize the design, construction, supervision units and elevator enterprises and other relevant units to carry out the quality completion acceptance of the project. Before the elevator is put into use, the applicant shall go through the use registration with the market supervision department of the jurisdiction and obtain the use registration certificate.

After the completion acceptance, the applicant shall promptly hand over the construction project data to the Municipal Urban Construction Archives.

Source: Hefei high-tech release


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