Eliminate potential safety hazards and build a strong security line of defense-AVIC Elevator Company organizes a safety knowledge contest



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In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on production safety, actively create a strong atmosphere for the "production Safety month", encourage employees to deeply study production safety laws, regulations and basic knowledge of production safety, and improve the safety awareness of all employees, on the afternoon of June 29, AVIC Elevator Company launched a safety knowledge competition of "one law and two regulations.

This event is based on the company's administrative department and subsidiaries, and a total of 28 participating teams were organized, each consisting of 3 people. The competition has two stages: the preliminary competition and the final. The preliminary competition is answered in writing, and the top 8 teams with 3 total scores enter the final. There are three parts in the finals: required questions, rush questions and risk questions. On the field, the contestants were calm, resourceful, chasing after each other, and not showing weakness to each other.

After several rounds of incentive competition, the company's office team 2 won the first prize steadily. The Party-Mass Work Department and the subsidiary Hangao Elevator Team won the second prize. Team 1 of the Production Department, Team 1 of the Quality Management Department and Team 1 of the Company's Office won the third prize. Team 1 of the Sales Center and Inspection Department of the Engineering Center won the Excellence Award.

First Prize:Corporate Office2Team


Second prize:Party-Mass Work Department,SubsidiaryHangao Elevator Team



Third Prize:Production DepartmentTeam 1Quality Management Department,Corporate OfficeTeam 1


This competition popularized safety knowledge for the majority of employees in the form of education and entertainment, enriched the content of employees' spare time life, further improved the safety production awareness of the company's employees, and created a good atmosphere for the company's safety production work.


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