AVIC Elevator Company Held Work Summary for the First Half of 2020 and Work Deployment Meeting for the Second Half of 2020



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AVIC Elevator Company Held Work Summary for the First Half of 2020 and Work Deployment Meeting for the Second Half of 2020


7On the afternoon of the 25th (Saturday), AVIC Elevator Company held a meeting2020Summary of work in the first half of the year Work deployment meeting in the second half of the year, A comprehensive analysis of the company's economic operation in the first half of the year, while finding problems, analyzing the reasons, arranging and deploying the main work in the second half of the year to ensure the realization of the company's annual goals.

The meeting was presided over by Fan Chuanchi, member of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of AVIC Elevator. The heads of various departments of the company and leading cadres above the middle level attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the heads of AVIC Elevator Sales Center, Engineering Center, Manufacturing Center, Business Planning Department, R & D Center, Quality and Safety Department and other departments reported on the work of their departments in the first half of the year. During the reporting process, Hu Ming, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman, and Zhu Jie, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager, put forward opinions on the reports of various departments.



After the report, Hu Ming made a concluding speech. He emphasized that the heads of various departments should sort out the responsibilities of the department, formulate corresponding plans for the problems they raised, and clarify what the department needs to do in the future and how to do it. In addition, Hu Ming put forward several requirements for everyone's future work: first, remember safety first in the process of work, pay attention to work details and personnel training, improve the quality of staff, and establish a good corporate image; second, improve product quality, grasp the quality, the improvement of quantity is meaningful; third, strengthen the customer's later return visit, put the customer in the first place, to realize the vision of "building an international first-class elevator enterprise"; the fourth is to complete the capital increase and share expansion as soon as possible, make the enterprise bigger and stronger through the entry of capital, and realize the vision of listing the company as soon as possible.




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