Artisan Characters | Feng Guoshun: Responsibility, the Brilliant Elements of Life



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Artisan Characters | Feng Guoshun: Responsibility, the Brilliant Elements of Life



Introduction of Feng Guoshun

Feng Guoshun, a member of the Communist Party of China, entered Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. in 2002 and has been engaged in elevator installation, maintenance, commissioning and inspection. For 18 years in the industry, Feng Guoshun has been buried in the elevator business, with countless sweat and hard work, composed a high-pitched song of elevator craftsmen.


Honor received


2015 won the first national elevator installation competition group and individual second prize, theory single award;

2017 China Skills Competition-"Luban Cup" First National Elevator Installation and Maintenance Worker Professional Skills Competition First Prize in Elevator Installation Group and First Prize in Individual;

In 2017, he was awarded the title of "Innovative Expert" by Guizhou Provincial Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense;

In 2018, he was awarded the title of "Star Employee" in the aviation industry;

Won the first prize in the International Elite Invitational Competition of Elevator Installation and Maintenance Technology in the Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition in 2018;

In 2018, he won the "May 1st Labor Medal of Guizhou Province".



The word responsibility can be written in a few simple strokes, but if you want to count its meaning, it is estimated that not many people can say it clearly. Whether adults or children, as long as we live in this society,They are more or less responsible. When talking with Feng Guoshun, the most common word from his mouth was "responsibility". "Responsibility" is his most serious attitude towards this job.


When it comes to honor, he always says: honor will pass, but the responsibility has always been there. He has never been complacent about these honors he has received, using them as a tool to show off to others, but more humble. He said: Honor is a reward obtained through my own efforts. In order to be worthy of this honor, I should work harder. The more honor, the greater the responsibility. Especially the work I am currently engaged in-debugging and inspection. For elevators, every elevator that goes out must be qualified, so as to ensure the safety of passengers and provide a guarantee for them to take the elevator. This has high requirements for inspection work. We should be responsible for the quality and safety of elevators.



According to Feng Guoshun's recollection, he came to AVIC Elevator to work after graduating from school in 2002. At that time, elevators were not as popular as they are now. He felt that elevators were a very high-level thing. At that time, he was determined to make a difference in this industry. But because it was the first time to contact this industry, lack of solid professional knowledge and skilled technology, I felt very difficult at the beginning. In order to devote himself to his work as soon as possible, he followed his master to the front line during the day, installed the elevator under the guidance of the master, summarized the work during the day at night, read the data and digested the new knowledge.



After a period of precipitation, Feng Guoshun began to be sent to the project site for elevator installation and maintenance. To this day, the scene of the first elevator repair is still fresh in his memory. "At that time, I was the only one who went there. Due to nervousness during the maintenance process, I accidentally set the factory settings for the elevator, which caused the elevator to not operate normally. At that time, it was night, and I couldn't contact the master and technicians. I could only meditate in my heart over and over again: calm down and find a way". Then pick up the instructions again, think about them word by word, and successfully repair them. "At that time, I felt that I had taken a new big step in the elevator industry". As an installation and maintenance personnel, there will definitely be many emergencies during the work process. Calmness is the first step to successfully solve the problem. Today, he is an excellent "elevator man".

Left three: Feng Guoshun



When it comes to elevators, Feng Guoshun always has endless words. He said: The elevator industry is not only his job, but also his hobby. As long as he comes into contact with new things in the elevator industry, he will be very happy and will try to understand it. As the saying goes: Interest is the best teacher. It is precisely because of his love for work that he can keep his passion for work in these 18 years and continue this passion as a responsibility.


"Do things conscientiously and simply" is Feng Guoshun's belief in life. With this principle of life, he worked hard in his post and created extraordinary deeds with ordinary hands. His seriousness of work and the simplicity of doing a good job all add a different color to ordinary life. He always said: there will be many difficulties in life, but as long as we have firm confidence and determination, there will be no problems that cannot be solved and difficulties that cannot be overcome.



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