Civilized peers, national action, dress up civilized Zunyi



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Civilized peers, national action, dress up civilized Zunyi


In 2017, after ten years of joint efforts by the 8 million people of the city, Zunyi won the gold lettered signboard of "national civilized city.

Since its successful establishment, Zunyi citizens have continued to move forward on the journey of deepening the construction of a national civilized city with the attitude of masters and the image of inheritors.



In daily life, the majority of Zunyi citizens actively cultivate and practice socialist core values, participate in various civilized city construction activities, and take practical actions to contribute to the deepening of the national civilized city construction.


Nowadays, walking to the streets and alleys of Zunyi, one public service advertisement about civilization and new style can be seen everywhere; in front of the publicity windows of various streets and communities, citizens stop to understand the "Citizen Civilization Handbook" and "Several Provisions on the Construction of a Civilized City in Zunyi"...

"Zunyi is full of 'a view of a king '." Long Hai, a resident of Gantian Community, Shanghai Road Street, told reporters that in deepening the construction of a civilized city across the country, the general public started with small things, all striving to be volunteers, and actively participated in learning from Lei Feng's voluntary service, community convenience activities, and spiritual civilization creation activities. Create a civilized environment in environmental protection and ecological civilization theme activities.


"During the prevention and control of the epidemic, under the vigorous publicity of the streets and communities, the citizens actively responded to the public chopsticks and spoon action, and the prevention and control of the epidemic in Zunyi achieved remarkable results. At the same time, many good people and good deeds have emerged, such as Li Tingjian, a poverty-stricken household in Shanpan Town, donated 10,000 catties of vegetables to fight the 'epidemic' together, Tang Guilin, an octogenarian veteran, repeatedly asked for the battle but failed to donate 10,000 yuan in cash, Peter and others purchased a large number of protective materials to help prevent the epidemic... Each of them is the spokesperson of civilization." Long Hai said.


To deepen the construction of a civilized city across the country, cadres and masses of various departments and industries in the city have also taken action, and the green waters and green mountains of Zunyi have rippled a new style of civilization.


The judicial department has taken action to continuously improve the level of serving the masses, and promote the "seven advances" activities of legal publicity and education with heart and emotion, so as to form a good social fashion in which the whole people know, learn, use, and abide by the law.


The traffic police took action to rectify bad traffic habits and traffic chaos, purify the road traffic environment, and the traffic order became better and better.


The competent departments of the industry have taken action to supervise and inspect whether cultural business places are suspected of "pornography, gambling, drugs" and other illegal and criminal activities, and urge cultural places to strengthen service awareness, improve service quality, and enhance public satisfaction and happiness.


The public security organs took action, and the "heavenly eye" and "human eye" "listed all the complex social security issues on the Internet" to purify the social environment. Ms. Huang, who lives in Gao Qiao, commented, "Go home from the night shift and walk alone on the street without worrying."


Sanitation workers took action, from early morning to sunset, dressing up the historic city of Zunyi with their hands.


The masses take action, do not litter, do not park at will, do not spit everywhere, cultivate a good family tutoring and family style, and supplement the spiritual calcium for Zunyi to deepen the construction of a national civilized city.


The education system takes action, based on patriotic education bases and public welfare cultural facilities, strengthens patriotic education for minors, cultivates good teacher ethics and style, and responds to General Secretary Xi Jinping's concern about "one branch and one leaf.


In a twinkling of an eye, three years later, Zunyi City ushered in the first re-evaluation of the "big test" after the success of the creation of the article, and we call on the "collective honor" of a national civilized city--

Don't indulge in fantasy, don't focus on empty voice

Cherish the hard-won achievements of civilization

Strive to be the builder and maintainer of civilization Zunyi

Every bit of support from every citizen

It will add strength to our urban development.

Every effort of every citizen

Will let our city civilization step forward

Let us join hands

With one heart and one mind, to build a shared civilization Zunyi contribute their own strength


Source: Focus Huichuan

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