Elevator safety knowledge publicity into the community



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Elevator safety knowledge publicity into the community

In recent years, the frequency of elevator failures has become higher and higher. Reports of elevator panic and elevator trapped people have appeared on newspapers or TV screens every three days, making many residents worry about elevator safety.

In order to ensure the life safety of residents in the jurisdiction area, to further improve the emergency rescue capability of elevator emergencies in the community, and to help the majority of residents master the correct self-rescue and rescue methods, on November 14, Huayuan Jinyue Community and Shengrui Property Company jointly carried out elevator safety publicity and elevator escape exercises in the atrium square of the community. At the activity site, professionals from the property engineering department led the owner to visit the elevator machine room to understand the principle and structure of the elevator, explain on site and visit the equipment and facilities on site. Live broadcast elevator fault first aid knowledge video. According to reports, through this elevator safety publicity and elevator escape exercise, residents and property staff in the jurisdiction have a detailed understanding of the elevator emergency rescue process, and at the same time have played a positive role in preventing and rescuing elevator accidents. (Text/Figure Xi'an Newspaper All-Media Reporter)

Source: Published in Xi'an


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