9-year-old boy mysteriously disappeared in the elevator. The police found more bizarre clues



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9-year-old boy mysteriously disappeared in the elevator. The police found more bizarre clues


Ms. Liu has oneThe 9-year-old son's name was Xiaolong. After school was over at noon that day, Xiaolong did not return. This had never happened before. So Ms. Liu hurriedly asked Xiao Xin, her son's classmate in the same community. She learned that Xiaolong and Xiao Xin were separated downstairs in Xiaolong's house. After Xiaolong also entered the building, Ms. Liu quickly retrieved the surveillance video in the building and found that Xiaolong did enter the building, and sat on the elevator in his own stairs, Xiaolong's family lived on the 19th floor of this building, because there was no monitoring in the elevator, Xiaolong entered the elevator is his last picture, and at this time, no one saw Xiaolong get out of the elevator.

After watching the surveillance video, Ms. Liu and the property staff asked the whole building door to door, but there was still no trace of Xiaolong. In order to find out where Xiaolong went as soon as possible, Ms. Liu and the property staff hurriedly called the police. After the police intervened, they checked the surveillance video and the internal elevator and found that the elevator was not faulty, so they searched the whole building again, it was on the twentieth floor of the building that they suddenly made an unusual discovery.

That isThe 2004 room on the 20th floor, according to the property personnel, has been sold for a long time, but the head of the household has not decorated it. The door was locked before, but it was opened inexplicably today. When the police entered the door, there was no one inside, but there were many messy footprints on the ground, large and small. After comparison, the police found that the small footprints were probably left by Xiaolong. The police looked at the big footprints on the ground, suddenly I had a bad feeling that Xiaolong was not the only one in this room.

The police carefully checked the surveillance and found a new discovery that day.At 12:03, before Xiaolong entered the elevator, two suspicious men had just walked out of the elevator, but strangely 20 seconds later, they seemed to have met something and hurried back to the elevator, just in time to take the elevator upstairs with Xiaolong. Later, the police took the video screenshots of the two men and identified them from door to door. They found that no one knew them. The police speculated that Xiaolong did not disappear in the elevator, but disappeared in the house on the 20th floor. The two men were seriously suspected. Xiaolong should have been kidnapped by them.

On this afternoon, Xiaolong's father suddenly received a text message from a stranger, which said that Xiaolong was in their hands and would be ready in two days.3 million are not allowed to call the police, it seems that the police speculation is correct. Not only that, they seem to be very familiar with Xiaolong's family. Xiaolong's parents are well-off businessmen. The police speculate that they are acquaintances who committed the crime, but Xiaolong's parents said they did not know the suspect. After investigation and monitoring, the police found that the suspect did not disappear out of thin air, but left the community through the underground parking lot, so the police checked the incoming and outgoing vehicles according to the time period.

Xiaolong's parents have been contacting the suspect, but they have been shutting down. The police finally locked a car after hard work. This is a licensed car. The entry and exit time is exactly the same as the time when Xiaolong was kidnapped. The police found the car in the yard of a local building by means. The police speculated that the suspect and Xiaolong were probably hiding nearby. There was a hotel in the building. They speculated that the suspect might hide the child in the hotel, at this time, a man of the same size as the suspect came out of the hotel. Soon he came back with a package. The package should contain food and some children's toys, but he did not return to the hotel, but entered the underground parking lot.

Later, it was learned that this parking lot was not simple. There was an air-raid shelter inside. The suspect was likely to hide in the air-raid shelter. The police decided that they could not wait any longer. So the soldiers divided into two routes and entered the hotel all the way to capture one of the suspects. According to the suspect, Xiaolong and another suspect were hidden in the air-raid shelter. After he determined the location, the police successfully rescued Xiaolong and captured another man.

According to the suspect's account, they had business dealings with Xiaolong's parents. Due to the company's poor turnover, the suspect moved a crooked mind. They were inAfter lurking for a month on the 20th floor, he finally seized this opportunity to carry out kidnapping, only to be captured in 40 hours. Xiaolong told the police that when the elevator reached the 17th floor, he found something was wrong. The two men controlled himself. He pretended to be dizzy and was blindfolded to the 20th floor. He left footprints on the 20th floor. The suspect took him to the underground parking lot to leave. He did not resist and was very clever during the whole process. He also befriended the suspect and asked him about his family status. He relaxed the suspect's vigilance, he also proposed to eat and ask for toys, so that the suspect will be more exposed to the sight of the police, strive for more chances of rescue for himself, and praise the children's witty response.

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