Listen to the "5" of public opinion and install elevators for old communities where people need them most.



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Listen to the "5" of public opinion and install elevators for old communities where people need them most.

Public opinion "5" to listen to, the People's Bank of China "secretary team" obedient to public opinion, implement the demands, for the people to solve the problem. Want to be what the residents think, be anxious for the residents, regularly go to the homes of the residents in the first district of the Shantui dormitory, pull home, listen to public opinion, gather demands, and serve the people wholeheartedly, and earnestly solve problems for the people. On the basis of the previous investigation and understanding, the problems of roof leakage, sewer blockage, poor sanitation management, and no one to clean up garbage in the community have been basically solved. At present, the biggest problem that troubles residents in the community is the renovation of old buildings and the installation of elevators.










In order to better implement the demands of public opinion and let the retired elderly and special people with inconvenient activities in the old community take the elevator as soon as possible, the "secretary team" of the people's Bank of China took the initiative to contact Shandong Zhongsheng Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., invited to enter the Baobao community for inspection, initially reached a cooperation intention, agreed to install elevator projects for the old buildings in the old community free of charge, and actively coordinated with the company to strengthen bank-enterprise cooperation and provide financial services, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

There is no trivial matter in the demands of the people's livelihood, and it is always a matter of feeling for the people to solve their difficulties. The "secretary team" of the people's Bank of China always takes solving the problems reflected by the masses as the starting point, takes improving the satisfaction of the masses as the foothold, and insists on changing the style of work, observing the feelings of the people, listening to the public opinion, and solving the worries of the people. Listen to collect public sentiment and public opinion, and solidly carry out the work of "public opinion 5 to listen.










"Public opinion 5 to listen to" is the bridge link between the party and the government to keep close contact with the masses. The "secretary team" of the People's Bank of China obeys public opinion and does something to help the poor and promote development. Reached strategic cooperation with Shandong Zhongsheng Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Jining Zhongsheng Yiyuan Yiyang Health Technology Co., Ltd. to listen to people's livelihood and public opinion on the front line, solve grassroots problems, install elevators for old communities, and work together to build a beautiful community. Enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security.

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the transformation of old urban communities, accelerate the transformation of old communities, and continuously improve urban management and services, so that people can live in cities more convenient, more comfortable and better. The State Council government work report pointed out: "The transformation of old urban communities can not only promote energy conservation and emission reduction, solve the basic contradiction of" imbalance and inadequacy "of urban residents, but also stabilize investment at present, this is an important way to stabilize employment, and this work is timely.













Since its establishment, Zhongsheng Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has started an innovative industrial development model and gradually promoted and implemented it nationwide, with the theme of caring for the elderly. At present, the project has been officially implemented in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and has been welcomed and praised by the masses.













Under the correct leadership of the party and the government, and in accordance with the policies of the central government, Chairman Chen Dashun led Zhongsheng Yiyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. to bring benefits to the elderly, children, the disabled, the families of martyrs, people who have lost the ability to live and vulnerable groups. Take the free installation of elevators as the starting point, combined with "Internet big data" and other models to promote the development of the local pension industry chain. Zhongsheng Yiyuan focuses on the construction of pension industry system, taking the installation of photovoltaic elevators as the starting point, doing the construction of pension system, community pension, smart community, e-commerce system, e-commerce platform, garbage classification system, garbage disposal system, garbage recycling system, elevator control management system, elevator operation system, etc, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights, patented technology and copyright. Return 70% of the wealth of the enterprise to the society, benefit the people, and be an excellent enterprise with responsibilities and achievements in the new era.

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